Monday , March 8 2021

Eleni’s cozy days at home amid a bad lockdown! New photos

Eleni Menegaki probably goes through the most carefree period of her life because she does what she always wanted to do. Be dedicated to her family and loved ones.

A bit of the radical decisions she made months ago to leave television, a bit of the coronavirus that is ravaging all our homes, a bit of her need to be happy in her little palace in Melissia, that all contributed to the wonderful presenter who went through one of the most relaxed and calm periods of her life that she obviously enjoys.

She is now dedicated to her four children and especially to the younger ones who need her, she takes special care of herself, enjoys the winter sun in her beautiful garden, cooks delicious recipes …

Eleni Menegaki does not want anything else at the moment, which often betrays her personal happiness via instagram.

She uploaded photos of herself through her home in Melissia and actually did the same thing today, posing against the backdrop of her lush garden.

Dressed in … pins and well-groomed hair and makeup, Eleni has uploaded a series of photos that comment on the caption: “Cozy days at home” or “Warm days at home” if you prefer.

See these photos in the following gallery:

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