Tuesday , March 2 2021

Damn between Kougia and Hatzinikolaou in the “air” – What happened

“Damnation” between Dimitris Lignadis’ lawyer, Alexis Kougia and journalist Nikos Hatzinikolaou took place on the air of ANT1’s main news bulletin.

Mr Kougias was in the bulletin to discuss the matter, however, before he started, he stated that he was very annoyed by a report sent out by the bulletin a while ago.

As for Mr Kouya’s frustration, two anonymous messages on social media were posted on the bulletin, calling the forensic scientist “the disgrace of legal science”.

“I never expected that you would welcome me here with two anonymous messages claiming that I am the disgrace of legal science and I would like to know who these are so trustworthy that you as judges of my own path and my decision to Mr. Lignadis “he said.

“If I am the shame of the law, who is it that judges me?” completed.

When Mr Hatzinikolaou tried to answer, he said that the report had two mitigating factors: the fact that the public was material, and also that the report contained both Mr Kougia’s and his son’s answer.

However, Mr Koufias’ continued interruption caused an explosion by the journalist. “Let me finish! I listen to you” said Mr Hatzinikolaou in a strong style.

Watch the video:

“If Lignadis allows me, I’ll charge Mendoni.”

At the same time, Mr Kougias reiterated his position that Mr Lignadis would be acquitted, while expressing his willingness to prosecute the Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, if his client allows it.

Referring to the case of Dimitris Lignadis, whose defense he officially undertook yesterday, Mr Kougias emphasized that if his client allowed it, he would accuse the Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, of the descriptions he used during the press conference.

See all that Mr Kougias said:

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