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Christmas 2018: Until When It Will Be – Choose You – Dikaiologitika News


When is it paid for? The last day of payment of & # 39; Christmas is December 21st. Under current legislation, all employees in the private sector with an indefinite or permanent term representation, full or part-time, to each employer right on Festive Gifts.

It does not say that the employer can pay the gift earlier than the above date. Holidays are never assigned in nature, but only in cash.

How did the Christmas box be calculated?

For calculating the amount of donations, it is taken into consideration of the way the salary salaries are paid, so if they are paid by wages or salaries. The Christmas period begins from May 1 to December 31 of each year. Thus, the employees have their working relationship with the employer in the & # 39; s period of & nbsp; Television without interval, namely from May 1 to December 31 of each year, entitles you to the full-time gift for each month for the laborer and 25 for salaries. Yet, the above-mentioned employees, which is not related to the employer for the period of & # 39; the period (from 1/5 to 31/12) have the right to relate to a portion of the bonus on & # 39; the length of their work ratio.

In this case, the Christmas feast follows as follows: 2/25 of a monthly salary or 2 pay – depending on how much they are paid – for every 19 calendar days of & # 39; the work ratio. Even employees who work less than 19 days have the right to a similar group of donors. Without work without interruption of the period from May 1 to December 31, this period also includes days as the workers are legally absent from work (eg annual report, maternity leave, with student permit).

Especially in the absence of sickness workers, in calculating the Christmas feast, the "triadial illness", the absence of sickness beneficial, depends on the benefits of sickness paid by the disease fund. With his online application, he has made KEPEA. Co-workers get the opportunity to even customize the Christmas service they have right by clicking on the link below:

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