Thursday , January 20 2022

Chotsoros (ELPE): This ensures that we take into account the production, sales and profits – Dikaiologitika News


Reference to Hellenic Petroleum's leading role in identifying and polluting hydrocarbons in our country, expressing Mr. Tsutsoros the hope that "our researching surveys – that 's as its non-unlimited principle has the absolute protection of the environment – lead to the discovery of removing depots, similar to the recent discoveries in the Mediterranean Sea." Sa & "Development" means "meaning" to upgrade the country geo-strategically, strengthen its energy security, substantial revenue for the state and catalyze the development of local society.

He also concludes that the end of 2019 is expected to be drowned in Patraikos, whereas the possible reserve reserves will be 140 million barrels of oil.

After asking about the latest results of the group, Mr. Tsutsoros, "After successfully resolving success in the last three years in production, sales and export, the ELPE Group will receive historically high EBITDA profits in 2018, reaching 1 billion euro. That in the third quarter the published EBITDA up to 12% and net profit was 28% compared with the previous year, resulting in a nine-month EBITDA profits of 731 million euros. (+ 20%) and the public non-profit of € 360 million (+ 32%), the highest is recorded, "said Tsutsoros.

At the issuance of sales of 50.1% of & # 39; The shares of the Hellenic Football Federation (ELPE) say it is the decision of # The principal partners, ie the state by the TAIFA (20%) and the Pan-European (30.1%), believe that the sale of the best use of their investment, in addition to the fact that, t case of & # 39; The state of the sale is a memorandum obligation. The current government has only worked with the strengthening and strengthening of a group – in any case – to guarantee its competent presence and perspective, Tsutsoros heard.

Also on a question about the role of Hellenic Petroleum (EPP) in a new regulation, Mr. Tsutsoros, "ELPE is a leading and inexpensive energy group, it has a leading role in SE Europe, constantly improving its science and technology base, innovation and optimization of operation, with its satisfying performance under the top 100 energy groups in the world, which confirms its sustainable presence in the international environment.

Therefore, I think it's more than determined that the group is actively involved in the design and operation of each new regulation.

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