Sunday , March 26 2023

Chimki – Barcelona 80-87: with the leader of the Catalan Ertel – Euroleague


Barcelona used the dead space of Russia in the middle of the third season as a result of Svendes' fourth foul, and made a two-digit gap to stop Chimki's counterattack.

About MVP

Tomas Ertel was the most mature in Moscow. Seriously, he passed the game correctly and made a big shot. He scored 18 points, 2 rebounds, 8 assists, and 1 steal in 28 minutes.

Statistics I saw

Chimki had a 17/39 triple (43.6%), but only 8/19 doubles (42.1%). Russia lived and died through a three-point shot. From one point … it seemed to be allergic to the spine. This was also due to the closed defenses of Catalonia.


Barcelona started the game better in two minutes and fled to 6-0, and George Bacock demanded a timeout. His voice stopped when it came out, and Chimki scored 21-8, 21-14, scored 3 points, 21-14, 23, scored -19.

In the second period, Barcelona re-entered the forum, leading to a score of 30-25 thanks to an individual score of 11-2. Shortly after, however, Kimki balanced the game thanks to Jenkins and Sved's basketball. By the end of the first half there are two teams of 38-38.

In the third period, Derby continued to drop Barcelona to 55-50. Chimki saw Sved and Gil pull their fourth foul in turn, crossing the bench. Barcelona would not start this event, could escape to 67-56 due to the explosion, and Thomas dropped to 67-59 in the third period.

Barcelona retained the same tempo in Game 4, raising the gap to ten points (72-62). However, Sved returned to the floor, meaning that Chimki had returned to the game, and the Russians were reduced to 75-76 with an outbreak. The game was once again Derby. However, Barcelona will find a way to eventually win with Ertell and Singleton marking the big basket in the final.

Access: "Arena Mytishchi" found 7,151 fans.

Referee: Ramonica, Rochennik, Boynovic

Justice: 23-19, 38-38, 59-67, 80-87

Hiki (1), Zubkow, (1), Mickey 2 (1), Barzokas: Sven 27 (5 twins, 6 help), Bost 9

Vassellona (Pesic): Pangos 8, Riba, Singlet 16 (1), Hanga 6, Smich, Ertel 18 (3), Oriola 5 (1), Kourts 8

Team stats – Chimki: 8/19 doubles, 17/39 tripods, 13/17 hits, 24 rebounds, 19 assists, 7 steals, 15 mistakes, 3 cuts

Team stats – Barcelona: 23/36 to Pointer, 6/17 Tripod, 23/29 Shot, 30 Rebound, 19 Assists, 10 Steel, 13 Real, 3 Cut

Next match of two teams: Chimki will meet Real at EuroLeague on July 15th. The following day, November 16, Barcelona will leave Saliris home.

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