Saturday , January 22 2022

Can you lose weight and train for a fight at the same time?


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Each week, studies confirm that it's a great way to lose weight.

The amateurs runners She knows very well that this sport helps her lose weight and that is one of her great benefits. Probably, research is conducted every week that they affirm walk is a great way to lose weight.

Of course, between the use of the foresight to lose pounds And training to be ready for a fight, there is a lot of distance. In the second case, you do not just have to speak your body, but instead make a race at a certain pace.

To get it to the point of making a fight, you must do strategic and unwavering. Many runners see problems when they try to do everything: ready to lose a race and weight. When losing your calorie is combined with high kilometer penalties and cutting-edge workouts, the result is almost always empty, bad performances and a high risk of injuries.

"If your training for a match and you also make a diet, you can not do much because you can not just fix your mice to workouts," says Anne Munay, a professional gymnast and marathon teacher. "Incompatible body injury in relation to training training leads to serious problems such as insomnia or electrolyte-exhaustion of the body," he explains.

The solution is to focus on weight loss before starting a workout for a fight. At this time, you must take 4 to 8 weeks, your most important care weight loss is in place of performance. And if weight loss is more of divine changes or exercise, it is best to follow some specific practices on track.

Get a lot of money

Many studies confirm that protein helps to get saturation and appetite reduction, especially when it's consumed on the morning, which means the prevention of unwanted food.

The best sources of living are mushrooms and fish such as horseradish, turkey, salmon, sardines and herbs as legumes, nuts and seed. With enough protein, you can make good mice good after a hard workout.

Do not … drink your calories!

It is hard enough to lose weight, so you do not sabotage your efforts by drinking hundreds of calories of sick drinks. Pick the water to drink that does not even calorify and perform the same work with soft drinks.

Many people often notice the signs of dizziness that gives your body a hunger, so you ensure that you are well hydrated are an important part of your weight loss puzzles.

Everything has to do with the density of foods

This element is also the most important in your effort to lose weight. A pioneering study of Nutrition Journal has indicated that a nutritionist has a hunger and is an effective way to improve health and weight loss. In other words, it is best to eat the useful, homemade breakfast for a nutrient smell of dense earth.

Focusing on foods that get useful, but low calories, such as green, green leaves and mushrooms, is the best way to do that. Fruits, high quality carbohydrates such as rice and beans are another rich good carrots that are rich in nutrition.

If your goal is weight loss, it is best to prevent these nourishing foods before you get the exploitation that you do not seek healthy eating after a hard workout. Probably the times after training also those you have ever encountered in feeding food to eat dung (and bad food).

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