Monday , August 8 2022

Boca Juniors – River Plate 2-2: Matsura opened in the second game!


It was just as good as you wanted to be. He had as much trash as possible. The platform was pulsing violently. The first grandfather of Copa Libertadores justified every desire for soccer. This Clasico Boca-Rivers was Super as possible. And he could not win. 2-2 of "Bonbonera" left a bill for the rematch of "Monemedal". Two street cigarettes. And there, everybody hopes that two of her disliked opponents, as she did, revive the ballad ecstasy.

The game has a different … boss at every turnaround. The river was the best player Boca's porter Rossi made a difficult foul by contaminating Gou. Martini (6 minutes) and Bohr's head (16 minutes). However, the goal is a result of another outbreak. Abela (34 minutes) made nuclear energy and the second shot took Armani's hand. The joy of the Army will not last long. Two minutes later Prato came in from the left and right and scored in the opposite corner.

Somewhere, he passed the battle, Benedetto, with a compelling change in Pavon's position. And in the 45th minute he scored three more goals and scored again. But in the same way, the equalizer reappears, except that it was the home of Iskerdos (61 & # 39;). By the end of the season, Boca would have tried more. However, Benedetto will be defeated in Armani, and the two great Argentines will solve everything on a large promise on the 24th of this month. There will be no tomorrow for losers …

* Copa Libertadores do not apply the home rule in the finals!

Boca Juniors: Rosi, Magagian, Isqueros, Bufarini, Olatha, Nantes, Barrios, Peres, Avila, Villa (72 & Tebes)

Mathias Biskai: Armani, Martini (59th Fernandez), Casco, Maidana, Pinot, Mondil. Seed. Martini (78 cider), Single Peres (75 Succulini), Pallet, Prato, Boer.

Boca Juniors 2 x 2 River Plate - Gols & Melhores Momentos 11/11/2018


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