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Black Friday 2018: How long will the big room – Company


The black Friday is here, and the bigger players in the market are all the things to try to start the euro that the consumers plan to black on Black Friday. In their attempts to attract and those who do not get so alien, there are no few people who have expanded their work hours.

More specifically, starting at 20:00 o'clock, public, Kotsovolos, Plaisio and Media Market, all major players in electrical, electronics and technology products begin.

Consumers should be aware of the fact that this expansion of public holidays will be the shops of # 39; the named edges are blocked in the shopping center or operate the shopping centers.

It is worth considering that in most cases the messages of & # 39; Black Friday kets already offer their online stores from Thursday night.

Public offers

For the product categories that offer the offers of Black Friday and the amount of & # 39; The stores will be made available on Thursday, the public announcement has been announced by a press release. Among others it is:

On Friday 23/11 will be the opening hours08.00-21.00 in every store and 09.00-21.00 Publicin & # 39; the shopping center (De Mall Athens, Mediterranean Sea Cosmos, Golden Hall), while BLACK FRIDAY peak and OnlineThursday, June 21 at 21:00

Fan & # 39; t Public available weekly Black FridayHundreds of thousand pieces of favorite products Black Fridayprizes and more specifically:

10,000 televisions & Monitor, 25,000 mobile, 4,000 Laptops, 35,000 consoles, video games and actions, 400,000 Mobile Actions & Actions PC-30%, 900,000 branded and quality jobs up to -50%, 40.000 foreign language Comics -30%, 12,000 books by Art Publishing Koenemmann -50%, exclusive Public, 4,400 foreign languages ​​of 650 different titles -60%, 54,000 Greek books (not protected by the Single Price Act) of 180 different titles -50%.

10 books for 10 euro: more than 200 titles to choose.

DVD, BluRay, Vinyls, CD, Kids cd/dvd: you choose what three you want, you only pay the two.

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