Thursday , March 30 2023

Apple: The Official Presentation of the New MacBook Pro – Apple on October 18th


Following repeated rumors, the new Apple MacBooks (and not only) will be unveiled next Monday, October 18, at 8pm Greek time.

By opting for an unusual day since the company usually opts for Tuesday for its presentations, Apple makes promises for key announcements, the focus of which will be … speed. We already know that the company plans to introduce two new MacBook Pros, 14 and 16 inches, with a updated design and that will be based on the M1X, Apple’s new SoC.

A year after the transition to its own processors, a move with complete success, Apple seems to be changing key design elements of the new MacBooks. In this we would expect smaller margins on the screen – that will be based on Mini LED technology -, larger inches and resolutions and the retreat of the touchbar of all models. It continues to confirm the information for recovering important features such as the MagSafe magnetic port intended for charging, an HDMI port such as the presence of an SD card reader.

The presence of the new M1X chipset is expected to be extended to the Mac Mini just like last year, Apple’s small desktop computer which, as always, has its own audience. This year, it is expected to have more ports than its predecessor, with an emphasis on features aimed at power users.

In addition to the updated offering of laptops and desktops, Apple may introduce the third general of AirPods, something we expected to see last month. The new AirPods will look a lot like the Pro models, even in case they will, and will always remain the company’s “economic” proposal without ANC support.

The presentation will again be exclusively digital, and will be broadcast live on Apple’s official YouTube channel and the company’s website.

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