Saturday , August 13 2022 Retrospective Request – Step 9


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Beginning today, applications for retirement payments for pensioners' first and additional pensions will be made electronically!

According to EFCA announcements since today, retrospective reimbursement applications will only be accepted electronically as a weekly and supplementary pension according to the provisions of Acts 4051/2012 and 4093/2012.

"I thought that providing a faster and better service to pensioners was our top priority and that we needed an Internet-only application process to ensure smooth operation of the EMPA service and uninterrupted performance for all of our organizations.

Formal applications are only received by competent pension services in special cases. According to EFPA, an online application, launched from the organization's website, helps thousands of retirees who want to work every day free from travel and the atmosphere. You may also submit a supplemental application.

Complete your application step-by-step

One. When we enter the web and enter the EPHKA site at, the following figure will appear on the screen. As you can see on the right, you can see a column that shows the pensioner, "Service for retirees." We have chosen the first text: NFPA application for e-recipient's primary and supplementary pension reduction.

2. After selecting the text above, click the word taxisnet on the next page.

3. You need to write a taxi code on this page. The code that you submit your tax return and fill out in the appropriate field.

4. On this page, click the word "approved" to continue the system.

5. Enter the VAT number and AFK here. Write the letters and numbers shown on the right in the "Optical Identification Code" field.

6. When you open an application with EFMA on your system, you can see the pre-populated details based on the code you provide. If something is wrong, you can change it.

7. This page shows regional services and secondary insurance sectors. Select the default insurance fund and open a window with all options.

All funds are displayed as follows:

– Importance (formerly IKA-ETEAM)

– Employees (formerly OAEE)

-Agrito (formerly OGA)

– Minerals, Contractors, Work, Health, Law (formerly EBRD)

– Machinery and Contractor Project (formerly EBRD – Engineers and Contractors)

– Hygiene (formerly EBRD – Health)

– Individual SMEs (formerly ETAM-SME)

– Commonwealth Bank and ECO (formerly TAFTEKO)

-Antic (NAT)

– Public (public sector) employees.

8. Select Supplemental Insurance Funds and open a window with all available options.

9. It is very important to complete what you want in the B field. You should mention the wounds you suffered from 2018 until today. Also, ask for retroactive redemption for all major pensions, supplements and gift cuts. Please also refer to the applicable legal provisions for these reductions and state that you ultimately retain all legal rights.

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