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"If the tower is no longer established, the first earthquake will disappear, and if it is now, it will be a lost one, which can not be rebuilt, no one can build it now." The words of Father Gregorius, 39; t included in the new book of Patacis "The Last Month of the Penalty." Report of an Independent Ionic Island by Robert McEyeb and Katerina Lyberopoulou, was very proficient. A few months after the life of a monk, the shepherd of the only attached monastic complex with tumors in & quot; In the 13th century, 38 years with God in the rocky island of Stamphani of the Occidental islands, the earthquakes of October 2018 come to change the damage caused to the monument. A catastrophe Robert McCabe published his books of photographs and the accompanying research of journalist K. Lyberopoulou as a historical regulation.

However, a small beginning for his restoration seems to be removed. As mentioned in & # 39; the presentation of & quot; A book, formerly at the Museum of Cycladic Art, was a representative of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, 3.5 million euro confirmed national funds so a first restoration effort could be made to the tower simultaneously the effort to other sources to find.

"Robert McAfee keeps our country as much as possible, he has Greece on a few planks, with its lens being its unknown and more visible corners, lost monuments, archaeological sites, unique natural landscapes, but also lost all human stories […] On this trip Katerina Lyberopoulou traveled, she received her interview, interview, her penetration, and voted for the photo, lived. The testimonies of Father Grigoris, the last monk on the island, just before he died, shook. The stories of a barcar that offer the deliveries, such as that of & # 39; the guardian and the other main characters of the book, "said the president of the Museum of Cycladic Art, Sandra Marinopoulou, at the presentation of the book, which took place at his Auditorium institute.

For his part, Mr. Mackayb spoke after a brief presentation of the content of # Book with photo help & photo & # 39; s, talks about the goals of the new edition: "Attention to a very important monument today, a marriage to Father Gregorius, and a sense of how life would be a monastery by the book included during the book. "

"Today, after the earthquake, we find the opportunity with the presentation of this book to think first of those who have the duty of State and have so many Delors packages, NSRF, etc., where they do not build a monument of such types of Dodoni metropolitanism, formerly Zakynthos, Chrysostomos, asked him in his speech, and also informed that in 2008 "with the money we give them, we make a Excellence study, made by the Polytechnic of Patras and that was passed on the same day as it was perfected. For ten years, I'm on the door of # 39; The officials and the philanthropists clapped, but without effect, "he said.

The head of the Antiquities of West Attica, Christina Mercouri, according to the Athens News Agency, spoke of a unique example of a "fortified church" in the orthodoxy world, among others "a manuscript made and copied site "remarkable library, valuable icons and homeowners, most of them being attacked or wounded. "It's described, in its present form the complex consists of two blocks, the tower, the south side of the monastery and the P-shaped buildings, the 't to the north The tower is a temple dedicated to the Orthodox Church of All Alders and Federations and a chapel of Agios Georgios, where there is also the tomb of Saint Dionysios.

Then Stavros Mamaloukos, professor of architecture department at Patras University, and chief scientist – from 2006 to 2008, spoke about the research project on the study of 'restoration of' the historic cat of # penalty; "The book that presents today's attempts – and a great deal of success – in dealing with the extraordinary photos and the sharp texts to readers a shocking experience," he said, and spoke about the monastery, "That is one of the most important monuments of the medieval and modern history of the islands of the islands."

In & # 39; the unique natural and environmental identity of & # 39; a penalty, "in the magical place that offers the unique experience of loneliness, isolation, silence and freedom," Dr. Sustainability and a member of the board of # 39; the national naval park of Zakynthos, Charikleia Minotou. "The two small islands of Penjets are of particular ecological significance, such as wildlife sanctuary in the NATURA 2000 or NATURA 2000 as areas of particular environmental interest, such as the Nature Conservation Zone of the Zakynthos National Park," he said, Note that the islands are characterized by autonomy in what is the state of affairs, autonomy in water (18 known waves confirm) and the dynamics of natural products. In addition, there are more than 250 species of plants, a unique multi-year forest of old profits, and great importance for migraasins in spring, including more than 150 species of birds, a figure of 36% of Greek species . Gained, thankful, according to Mrs. Minos, the fire and earthquakes, and also the potential hazard of oil in the region, the main threats to the biodiversity of # 39; the islands.

Ultimately represented Lyberopoulou, after expressing gratitude to Robert and Dina Maceyb and to all the influencers of the book, gave it to Gregorio herself and to other protagonists of the book, Some of Their stories are included in this important book.

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