Sunday , October 24 2021

A working group is set up to develop a national strategy for developing cotton


The design of a consistent, unified and unpopular national strategy for cotton cats in our country marks the katoengroepgroup.

The group, under the leadership of the Ministry of National Development and Food, met Monday, November 26 at the offices of 'Cotton Interbranch Organization in Larissa, in & nbsp; the presence of Deputy Minister of Agriculture Vasilis Kokkalis.

The members of the Working Group, the President of # 39; The "Dimitra" ELGO N. Kati, officials of the Ministry of Agriculture Development, and of course, the cotton products were found in Larissa, initiated by the deputy minister Kokkalis, and a teacher and constructive discussion, decides to define the National Strategy for Cotton .
Representatives of the Ginners and the Interbranch Organization of Cotton, the seed producers, the Cotton National Center, Producer Groups and Agricultural Cooperatives from cotton production region of the country, set the goals of # 39; the National Strategy for Cotton for the years 2019-2029.

In his speech, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, V. Kokkalis, since he first thanked all the meeting of the working group, namely the participation of the cotton producers by their collective bodies and presence of # 39 ; The presence of the chairman of ELGO "Dimitra", which made special mention of the Agency's initiative to make the Katoenmuseum on Averofio Agricultural School as Model Educational Center for farmers in & nbsp; the further region of Thessaly.

The deputy minister stated that "the Working Group holds at least four meetings in the year, especially in the region, such as Larissa, Karditsa, Livadia, Giannitsa, Komotini, the first two – At least one meeting of each year, one of the solid issues will grow the assessment of actions and their effect in cotton. The next two – at least – meetings of each year will be one of & # 39; 39; and important issues to action action of the matching cotton strategy for the coming year The revision of strategy and reallocation of its objectives will take place every five years, including the following review 2024 (except if a plate and specific requirements and requirements need to be re-run in two years) and always by the Cotton Group in the & nbsp; & Delta; ΔΔΤ. The objectives of National strategy will be to improve the economic data of cotton, improving the competitiveness of & # 39; the cotton-processing industry, to improve the quality and identity # 39; to make Greek cotton, to the ecological features of their production, the preservation and guarantee of cotton springs of # 39; e CAP.

In conclusion, the official official said: "All parties involved in the problem of cocaine come in a concrete context of action and a binding text, the relevant ministerial decision will be signed, while questions with the new CFP will be signed by a Memorandum of Understanding ".

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