Monday , August 15 2022

A wonderful doctor and human Christos Theos! (Video and photo) Super League


It was only 49 minutes when Derby was injured at Karaski Kiss Stadium. Dioudi covered everything.. Kipper of Panathinaikos turned his tongue after a clash with Natos, and Christos Teos ran and stood before him. Even Olympiacos players got their heads as Koutris ran the cross to do everything well. Piraeus' doctor showed us how good a scientist and a good man were during the year. With a friend of the fallen Olympiacos Platform and Unfortunately he died later..

However, Christos Theos may have helped or intervened. In particular, we mention some typical things:

In 2014 with OLAITAN: The moment Olaitán fell to the field, did not move, fell down and was not injured. The players, technicians and people were frozen moments. 30 & # 39; Olentan A sudden collapse, a vegetable & # 39; s request for urgent help from Nigerians. The Olympiakos Medical Medal and Christos Theos gave first aid to the Piraeus team and the player left the court for the collar. The Nigerians were taken to the Metropolitan Hospital and the camera indicated that they had discovered their senses. Olaitan will be tested and his neck will have a problem. He has something from his fall. Remember Here video.

Turkish Movies: 2015 one Yet another case Rescued Christos Theou and Olympiacos medical staff to save Turkey's supporters who were at risk of seizures outside the "red-eye" locker room after being friendly with Fener.

Reset to 2017: Vetsen-friendly Retsos lost his senses after being hit by his lips, and at that moment his tongue turned to him. In 20 seconds, a doctor intervened to save lives. After knocking Nick Snawyer to slap his lips, the fall was shocking and the shock was bigger. First of all, the disabled in Vatten cried that serious things had happened since Marin. Most of Olympiacos' players were crying and even Bethesda soccer players. Christos Theo quietly and quickly rescued the young man's life. Remember Here story.

– Olympiacos clearly has excellent scientists and men in their ranks and this has been seen many times. Of course there are a few cases that helped people outside of sports. In the gallery you can see photos and videos with Turkish fans.

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