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Yoga as a back pain in bad sleep can be helpful!


Updated November 8, 2018 at 12:30 pm

Yoga is good, agile and suitable. But heartburn, cold, and even heartburn can be relieved with yoga. We show what exercise helps to suffer.

Do not you fall for the new popular sport of yoga yet? Then, there are 10 reasons why you should try hard – for example, in the fight against fever or sleep disorders – but beware: the precise training and doctor visits of Yoga can not replace galleries!

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For those who suffer from internal anxiety and lack of concentration, or who believe they lose grip, the tree is the right yoga posture.

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To do this, bend one leg and lift it up against your inner thigh. Breathe deeply, raise your arms toward the sky and put your palms together. Stop breathing five times and do the other.

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In the fight against aging, he is a fountain of youth in a yoga pose. Stagecoach – physically and mentally. During this exercise, not only blood flows to the head and brain, but also the arms and back are strengthened.

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Keep breathing 10 times when you are free or holding the wall. It is best to start a day full of energy by doing this exercise in the morning.

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Can you dance through life and eliminate or even avoid unsightly dents on your thighs? Although not quite so easy, yoga pose dancers strengthen the front and back of the thighs and prevent cellulite.

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It is best to stretch your thighs and reach out with your right hand holding your left leg. Keep breathing a few times and switch sides.

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If you have problems with your neck and hind legs, you should stop. It is better to stand forward and bend forward. Thanks to this yoga pose, you can relax your back and strengthen your legs. In addition, oxygen-rich blood flows into your brain and improves performance.

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Try relaxing your legs, moving your legs or slowly rising, breathe a few times, and relax with this soft posture.

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Those who suffer from heartburn can help the camel in yoga postures. This is intended to reduce stomach acid and stimulate digestion after ingesting delicious food.

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First, sit straight down on your legs. Then sit down and push your pelvis forward. Stand your back upright until your ankle is held by your hand and gently back it up. Keep your neck long and breathe three times. Then sit comfortably. Repeat this three times.

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Entering a sitting chair can alleviate many problems. Digestion is activated, hunger is reduced. In addition, posture helps with kidney and bladder infections. In addition, you can prevent erectile dysfunction. It is important to hook the Mula Bandha for this. This is the area between the penis and the pelvis as well as between the penis and the anal.

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Chocolate also helps with the cuts. But healthy people are fighting mourning with the help of warriors rather than unnecessary calories.


This exercise, with its front leg bent and its back extended, not only makes it harder. It also provides inner strength and confidence. Even those who move from this pose to the stand scale can concentrate more. And declare fighting with your loved ones!

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The menstrual cramps are uncomfortable and can be noticeable in the head, back and abdomen. A comfortable front bend is recommended to solve this problem. Cramps can be solved in butterflies.


First sit straight. Then pull your knees to open your body like a book. The soles are in contact with each other. If you like, hug your feet and gently shake your thighs to loosen them. Breathe deeply, bend forward and breathe several times.

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The shoulder part is usually strained if the stress once again spreads. Even among the quick fix is ​​half of the eagle, helping to open the upper part.

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The versatility of the yoga exercise, which combats many physical diseases at once, looks down on the dog. Through him, the whole body was stretched, born again, and stronger. As the circulation progresses and the head sinks, blood is supplied to the brain and spine.


Place your hands parallel to the floor on your knees and then raise your hips. When you do so, push the heel toward the floor and stretch your back. It's a blessing!

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