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Web development: WebStorm 2019.2 brings some convenience

Czech toolmaker JetBrains released WebStorm 2019.2, its first development environment in the regular summer version. In early July, Issue tracker YouTrack had already opened the general round of 2019.2 variants above the IDEs. The innovations of Web development based on IDE WebStorm focus on a better overview and comfort features.

The autocomplete pop-up window now shows more clearly where & # 39; an icon is defined and whether the part is from a standard JavaScript or TypeScript API or in a project file. Icons also highlight icons where multiple definitions exist. In addition, autocomplete now also works with typos, for example for "fucnt" function propose.

Also new is a complete function for improving or solving structuring of assignments. Optionally, WebStorm can replace a helper variable that is used as a direct command bypass, or execute the command with the indexes or features.

WebStorm helps to destroy orders.

WebStorm helps to destroy orders.

(Photo: JetBrains)

Refactoring renaming, which means renaming symbols in TypeScript or JavaScript across the entire project, now showing the dynamic references in a separate group and by default refractoring them. New is a quick search for code fragments that do not exist on multiple occasions Double code fragment-Inspection. The function marks potential duplicates in JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, Sass, SCSS and Less.

Although primarily designed for the development of JavaScript or TypeScript applications, WebStorm now offers advanced marketing for syntax for over 20 programming languages ​​such as PHP and Python. The conversion takes place via TextMate Grammar files.

For shell scripts that exist as ".sh" or ".bash" files, autocomplete now works. It's an integration with shfmt to format the code and a connection to ShellCheck for ribbon static code analysis. For ".gitignore" files, autocomplete now works for file and folder names.


Editing shell scripts is more convenient for auto-completion.

(Photo: JetBrains)

Other improvements, such as opening multiple projects in one window and the improved plug-in search, can be found at & # 39; a WebStorm announcement page. Since 2015, JetBrains has offered all IDEs in a subscription model where the price falls within the first three years. WebStorm costs 129 euros in the first year and 77 euros per user from the third year. Other than IntelliJ IDEA is not a free version for WebStorm.


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