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Weather / Bavaria: Meteorologist from Tölz shows how & # 39; the summer vacation is real

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Another week: Then it's a summer vacation. But how is it true? The Tölz meteorologist Kai Zorn knows the answer.

Bad Tölz – Soon the summer holiday in Bavaria begins. After a warm June and a few days of clean in early July, it will be beautiful and sunny again. The Tölzer Kurier talked about this with the Tölz meteorologist Kai Zorn. He makes the prediction on and for the Sat1 news.

How will it be in the coming days? Never so hot?

Kai Zorn: The weather is equal to the end of June. We have a high dry heat, east wind and temperatures every 30 degrees without humidity. The nights are fresh, so you can sleep well. I call the noble midsummer.

Why is it?

Kai Zorn: We have a high dry heat from the Mediterranean or from Africa. We had that at the beginning and end of June. However, I don't expect heavy thunderstorms.

How will the summer vacation be?

Kai Zorn: I think it will continue as in & # 39; the completed weeks. After wonderful days it is changing, it comes clean again, and then it will be beautiful again. It will not be a mega-hot summer this year, but it is also not expected to be a permanent crash with rain and cold.

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