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Vendée Globe: Kevin Escoffier is 550 nautical miles from Cape Town shipwreck


French sailor Kevin Escoffier was wrecked at the Vendée Globe. The skipper, who was then third, sent an SOS signal about 550 nautical miles from Cape Town and reported a water intrusion on board to his team. Escoffier went over to a life raft and has not been reachable by phone since.

As the organizers announced Monday night, German skippers Boris Herrmann and Yannick Bestaven (France) were asked to go to the area for support. Before that, the Frenchman Jean Le Cam had already arrived as the first savior. The Coast Guard had contacted him because his position was closest to the Escoffiers.

“Jean Le Cam arrived in the area and saw Kevin on his life raft,” organizers reported. Le Cam drove the engine and prepared himself for Escoffier. However, this did not work until late in the evening.

As the organizers announced on the website, Le Cam again lost visual contact due to the difficult conditions. As a result, the waves at the site of the accident are five meters high, the wind between 20 and 25 knots fast. The rescuers are also worried about darkness, and daylight is only at 4:30 German time.

Round the world without interruption

Those involved in the rescue can continue the race after the rescue operation. The Hamburger Herrmann is currently in eighth place. The journey across the Vendée Globe brings you the world without help, the sailors travel about 45,000 kilometers without interruption.

Earlier, one of the favorites, the Briton Alex Thomson, had already given up the Vendée Globe. After technical problems and days of repairs last week – damage to the laminate in the bow section of his yacht – a broken rudder made participation impossible. Unlike other contestants such as Boris Herrmann from Hamburg, Thomson had no replacement rudder on board.

The world’s prestigious environment is considered to be the toughest regatta in the world, with about 45,000 kilometers to cover for the participants. Start and finish is the port of Les Sables d’Olonne in France. The best skippers take less than 80 days. A total of 27 men and six women took to the Vendée Globe this year. Even co-favorite Nicolas Troussel had to give up when he broke the mast. “That’s very sad and dishonest,” said Boris Herrmann, who is a friend of Thomson’s. “I really wanted to win him over.”

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