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Touch of “Lindenstrasse” farewell to Willi Herren | Regional

Cologne – From 1992 to 2007 Willi Herren († 45) belonged to the family “Lindenstrasse”. She had to say goodbye to the actor in ‘Olli Klatt’ in real life.

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Willi Herren (left) at the 30th anniversary celebration of “Lindenstrasse” in 2015 with his series colleagues Claus Vinçon and Moritz A. Sachs (right)

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On Saturday, a death description appeared in the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger, among other things, with touching words: “We will not forget you! Care … Hans W. Geißendörfer and your friends from ‘Lindenstrasse’ ”.

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The obituary for Willi Herren appeared in the Stadt-Anzeiger and in the Kölnische Rundschau

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Men played a shady character in the series produced by Geißendörfer and was seen, among others, as a neo-Nazi and criminal with prison experience.

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“Olli Klatt” alias Willi Herren did not make many friends in “Lindenstrasse”. Left actress Liz Baffoe

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In real life, the cheerful nature was always offensive to the law. In 2007 Willi Herren had to leave “Lindenstrasse” because of his antics, but in 2012, 2014 and 2020 he returned briefly to the screen as “Olli Klatt”.

Even before the long-running hit was stopped, he died the series death: his character was killed in a car accident, viewers learned shortly before the end of “Lindenstrasse” in 2020.

Willi Herren was found dead in his apartment in Cologne on Tuesday. It is still unclear where he died.

Willi Herren is dead The last words to his fans

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Dy: Instagram / @williherren


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