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Thomas Gottschalk: Malibu's Moderator Burning Cottage – Strange Discovery


The Thomas Gottschalk villa in Malibu was burned during a major California fire. In the interview, the speaker talks about dramatic moments.

Gottschalk villas are completely destroyed – but the trees are still standing

November 13, 2018; 19.45 clockThe flames went wild in California for several days. In the Woolsey Fire near Malibu, the villa of Thomas Gottschalk was completely burned down. Remnants, ashes and bricks remain in the previous property. But one thing makes viewers very suspicious. like that Drawing See, the destroyed cottage is in the immediate vicinity of the green tree. Palm trees have not only survived the heat of the flames but also have green grass. The contrast of the picture Drawing You will see it online.

So far there is no conclusive explanation for green that has not been damaged. If you use water from a garden hose or turf sprinkler, some owners will fight due to the fire. For years, California has suffered from water shortages, but many owners have not yet given up on full grass or green grass, many experts said in a newspaper.

Malibu's Cottage Burns: Thomas Gottschalk talks about the hell of fire.

November 13; 12:24: How do you react when a house becomes a flame burglary? Two days ago, Thomas Gottschalk landed over 10 million euros in Malibu. The fire has sacrificed the legendary, gorgeous outfit of art, Gottschalk's television, and "Wetten, dass …".

In an interview with radio station Bayern 1, the showmaster now talks about the fire hell. But at the beginning of the interview, he stressed: "I want to avoid a compassionate journey and sue everyone who has a mike with me." There is a greater misfortune in the world. "More than 30 people have died in California fires.

In fact, Thomas Gottschalk and his wife Thea were prepared for an emergency. But everything was different. In a BR interview, the moderator says: "We offered a caravan for that occasion, but there was no vehicle with a trailer for the caravan, and then my wife brought the cheapest car because she used her favorite car, and The rest burns. "

At least Thea Gottschalk can save a family cat from flames. Thomas says: "At that moment: Do not get a birth certificate without safety, so do not take the lick out of the wall, she grabbed the cat, the cat food, and the trash can.

Gottschalk's wife Thea now lives in a hotel. Strange coincidence: This factory was burned exactly on the couple 's wedding day. Thomas proves unhappy humor in a BR interview. "I do not think this was the flame of my honor. Sometimes you are lucky in life, and sometimes lucky."

Thomas Gottschalk now speculates some of the people about unhappiness. But what he does not want to let go of is: "Of course, everybody built a house in Fürstenfeldbruck in the water, he happens to him in Malibu, which is too quiet to hear and it's okay. That's the way. "

Video: Malibu's Fire Inferno: Thomas Gottschalk burns the cottage.

California fire: at least 44 people died

7:15 am: A catastrophic fire in California has required at least 44 casualties to be appealed. Thousands of people lost their belongings. Thomas Gottschalk is probably one of the most famous faces of tragedy – even if there is "only" property damage to complain about. Only two days after the fire in his house, the villa of about 10 million euros is overflowing and now the degree of destruction is revealed. Gottschalk is currently in Germany, but the wife of Thea temporarily lives in the hotel, but the pictures of the burning plant are moving around the world.

You can see the burned properties on the ground, only one stone wall can still be seen. Only the stone pedestal can be seen at the unique factory. The rest of the property, which is mostly wood, probably burned because of the flying spikes. The swimming pool and some trees with only water remain in this property. It is almost out of reach of the Rolls Royce and a little off the garage with the vintage car.

The entertainer himself does not initially paint the remains of the property. "The streets are closed and still burning, there is no electricity, so I am not interested in seeing the ashes of my property."

44 deaths due to forest fires now

6:25: The death toll from wildfires in California has increased to at least 44. Another 13 victims were found in the area of ​​Paradise in northern California, Burt County Fire Department reported Monday evening. This alone has increased the victim to 42. In addition, two people were found dead in the flaming Malibu coastal town. This has been the worst in the history of the country.

06.19 Watch: Victims of fatal fires in the US state of California must be financed by the federal government. In the evening (local time) in Washington, as announced at the White House, US President Donald Trump decided on Monday. Above all, people whose home or work has burned can apply for federal funding (for example, to pay for temporary accommodation or repair). This support should complement state aid at state and local levels.

November 12, 2018 News: California Wildfires

16:02: Kim Kardashian's fortune has also flashed, and the Selca icon has evacuated with her husband Kanye (41) and her three Kids North (5), Saint (2) and Chicago. "We pray that the wind is good and right for us," said Twitter. US media reported that a 38 – year – old woman once suffered botox attacks. When I leave the Epione Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills, it only appears a few hours after I publish this social media post.

Thomas Gottschalk said that "there is a greater misfortune in the world"

3:20 pm: One day, a 68-year-old man expressed himself in an interview, as celebrity Thomas Gottschalk's luxury villa was known to have been victimized by the flames. "Bavaria 1", So the whole property burned down, but Gottschalk said, "There is a greater misfortune in the world." Listening to news about the fire at home, the entertainer stood on stage during the performance and learned. Nevertheless, former speakers of "Wetten, dass …" do not want to go back to the US immediately, but want to make their first commitment in Germany. "I can not go there, it is still burning, the streets are closed, there is no electricity, and I am not interested in seeing the ashes of my property."

Wife Thea escaped from the fire station via SMS. At the age of 72, I barely had time to get something important in my house. "At that moment you do not go to the vault and take the birth certificate or the rilke from the wall, she has caught the cat, the cat food and the trash can, it's just madness in this situation." Thomas Gottschalk As reported in the interview, the two were voluntarily flying. However, "We offered a caravan at this moment, but there was no car for the caravan, my wife took the cheapest car, the rest was gone."

Ironically, on the wedding day Thea Gottschalk was surprised by the flame. "I do not think this was the flame of my honor, and sometimes it's lucky and sometimes unlucky." Celebrities have lost everything they can call, but a 68-year- I will. "I know there are enough people to say that if Dork built a house in Fürstenfeldbruck with water he would not have been on fire.

Fire in California: Here tourists can tell.

13: 3: California tourists can learn more about the current ups and downs of wildfires. The website www.Calfire.ca.gov provides information on current conditions and travelers can learn about air quality at www.airnow.gov. The two sides mentioned traveling advice from their overseas travel office. The California Transportation Authority Caltrans provides information about road closures and traffic disturbances at www.dot.ca.gov. Visitors planning to travel to California can contact their reservations hotel and local tourism office.

12:01: Like tens of thousands of people in Southern California, Uschi Obermaier fled from the flames. "I am really scared because the fire is already approaching today and the Santa Ana wind is 60 miles an hour," said Munich from a telephone interview with the German Press Agency. She usually lives in the Topanga Canyon hill east of Malibu. However, the whole area was evacuated, and all models found a shelter with a dog to a friend on a safe street.

The 72 – year – old is worried about her house on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains. She lived in the middle of nature for 15 years, but lives in the middle of a dangerous wind tunnel, says Obermaier, one of the most famous faces of the movement in Germany in 1968. She has often experienced a fire in a country suffering from drought. "But the fire certainly got worse". After the trip she returned to her home on Friday. A thick cloud of smoke soared behind the canyon. "Your heart will sink to your knees," says Obermaier on Sunday (local time). The traffic lights were no longer working, so there was no electricity in the house and no phone calls. She turned with her dog and clothes.

11.44 Clock: Even the best-selling writer Cornelia Funke left the farm in Malibu because of the tremendous fire in California. Previously, she tried to catch two donkeys, but six ducks wrote a 59-year-old letter on her homepage. A friend and his colleagues are guarding the house and barn from the weekend. "And of course I saved my donkey from the flame," Funke ("Inkheart", "Dragon Rider") reported. In 2005 she moved with her family from Hamburg to California.

California Wildfires: Many Famous People Affected

08.02 Clock: Even American singer Miley Cyrus (25) has lost her home because of a fire in California. "My house no longer exists, but the memories I had with my family and friends remain," she wrote on Twitter on Monday morning in Germany. Despite the material loss she sees herself as "one of the lucky ones." "The love of my animals and my life certainly made it, and it is all that matters at that moment." Singer thanked the fire department and the police.

The house of Cyrus was adjacent to the property of the controller Thomas Gottschalk, which was also destroyed by bushes and wildfires. At the age of 68, he sold the guest house to the singer two and a half years ago. Australian friend Liam Hemsworth (age 28), a friend of Cyrus, has property next to him. It was also unclear whether it was destroyed by the flames.

07.23 Clock: Officials say the death toll from California wildfires has risen to 31. Another six bodies in Paradise in northern California have been found, police said on Sunday evening. Thus, the number of victims increased to 29. Also, 228 people are still missing. The so-called "Camp Fire" killed as many people as the most deadly wildfires in California's history. In 1933, 29 people died in Griffith Park in the Los Angeles area.

More than 6,000 homes have been destroyed and the conditions are still confusing. Interference between fixed roads and telephone networks makes it difficult to find relatives. Nearly 150,000 people had to leave the house. In addition to Thomas Gottschalk, Hollywood star Gerard Butler lost his home. "After evacuating to my house," he wrote to Instagram on Sunday. To this end, he posted a picture showing him from a faint remnant. Recognizing it is the remnants of home construction and car accidents. It was said to be a "heartbreaking time" across California.

Update, November 12, 2018, 7:20 am: Tomas Gottschalk

More and more details came to light after a day of entertainer Thomas Gottschalk's residence became a flame victim. So the house is noisy. Drawing, Completely destroyed. Thomas Gottschalk himself, who was in Munich at the time and hosted a charity event for children with cancer, has now commented on the big loss. "I can not say anything about it because I can not say it! I had the poem" The Panther "in the handwriting of Rainer Maria Rilke hanging on the wall. I was overwhelmed, "a 68-year-old official said.

In the celebrated village of Malibu, his flaming wife, Thea, was asked to leave the house with an emergency text message from the authorities. "Thea escaped to 100 neighbors," she says. "Gottschalk says she only got two cats." The 72-year old hotel is currently in the hotel. Gottschalk himself will see the full extent of the disaster on Friday. "Thea told me that I should take care of my job in Germany.

Thomas Gottschalk mentioned Malibu's fire.

© dpa / Karlheinz Schindler

However, the loss that both men endure can not be replaced. Because of the flame, the showmaster is unlikely to lose many awards, even in the famous wardrobe of "Wetten, dass …". I'm going to lose my way. The Gottschalk tribe has lived in a 900 square meter living space since 1998. In addition to the main house with swimming pool and pond, 19 rooms are equipped with "Orient Express" doors. Bathrooms are part of Coco Chanel and furniture of King Farouk of Egypt.

Showmaster Thomas Gottschalk tried to combat humor in California property with humor. "Everyone knows that my heart burns for Tee, but my house does not have to burn for a wedding," said Gottschalk.

Video: Remnants and Jas-Thomas Gothochk's cottage was created after the fire.

Update, November 11, 2018: At least 25 people have died as a result of forest fires. California / Los Angeles:

At least 25 people have died in California, according to authorities. Authorities killed at 23:00 on Saturday night. Two people died in a car on a driveway between Los Angeles and Malibu on Sunday. Thousands of buildings were burning and hundreds of thousands of residents had to leave the house.

19 dead in paradise alone

The situation in paradise was particularly dramatic. 19 people were killed. The town of 27,000 inhabitants was surprised by the rapidly expanding flames of "Camp Fire" on Thursday morning. In Paradise and its environs, thousands of buildings, including hospitals, gas stations, and restaurants, were surrounded by flames. More than 52,000 inhabitants in the landscape area have been ordered to evacuate.

Kevin Winstead, a resident of KIEM TV Magalia, said, "The whole paradise is burning." No house will stop, and I will be devastated. "Winstead was afraid of his new home, and he actually wanted to move the next day .

Gottachalk's wife Thea in the hotel: 3,200 firefighters fight against flames.

By Saturday, the fire destroyed more than 40,000 hectares according to the fire department, only 20%. 3,200 firefighters were on duty and three injured. There was also an unusually violent fire in southern California late in the season. Authorities asked about 250,000 people to leave their homes in the north of Los Angeles and in the Ventura district.

Celebrity Thomas Gottschalk (68) was sacrificed to the flames as he was known. Way "image" Gottschalk attended a charity event in Munich. But his wife, Téa (age 72), was at the scene and is now in a hotel in Los Angeles.

California / Los Angeles Fire: Gottschalk's house is repeatedly threatened by fire.

Gottschalk has been based in California since 1990, and the last neighbors are pop star Miley Cyrus. Gothic's house is repeatedly threatened by fire. In 2005, when he spoke with Bild am Sonntag preparing "Wetten, dass …" his wife, Thea, in Germany, set up an emergency home in Los Angeles. But there are always two cars waiting in his house in Malibu. "This is our escape vehicle," Gottschalk said at the time.

Dana Schweiger is also worried about her home.

Dana Schweiger (50), wife of action hero Til Schweiger (54), is also worried about her home. She posted a dramatic picture with "Our Hometown" commentary.

California / Los Angeles Forest Fire: News of November 10, 2018: How many dead people were there, and even Gottschalk's house threatened?

The fire-rollers destroyed the paradise. The inhabitants of a small paradise in the northern countryside of the paradise are lamenting the dead and mourning for the disappearance, continuing to an egg-gray moonlight. Almost all the villages were burned.

The first record of the horror scenario: 9 black charred bodies, over 6,000 burning houses. Only burning ruins remain in the shops, churches and restaurants in the once idyllic location of the hills on the edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Surfers Paradise Malibu in Southern California and surrounding celebrity resorts also became Helly Houses. The infamous Santa Ana winds cause wildfires and tens of thousands of people fled. The flame does not stop even before the expensive house behind the high wall. Malibu has evacuated. The city near Los Angeles is home to celebrities such as Thomas Gottschalk and Barbra Streisand. Stars such as Lady Gaga, Guillermo del Toro and Orlando Bloom have escaped in front of fire trucks.

Bloom (41) wrote a letter on Friday to Instagram "Pirates of the Caribbean" and wrote a photo with orange glowing fire walls just behind the house. He prayed that everyone in Malibu could be safe.

He ran away last night and wrote Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro (54) on Twitter. His house and his belongings are at stake, but the "gift of life" remains with him. The director appealed to the residents to leave the house.

"We are all safe and most important," said Reality TV star Kim Kardashian (38) on Twitter. The flames have eaten from the hidden hills to the edge of their property, but now the danger is probably forbidden.

"Strange Doctor" director Scott Derrickson (52) was unhappy. "We lost our house." He wrote on Twitter on Friday, but he and his family avoided "hell".

The property of Kim Kardashian is also threatened by devastated wildfires in California.

© Noah Berger / AP / dpa, Jesse Grant / Getty Images / AFP

Forest fire in California / Los Angeles: 90,000 people.

The flame chaos drove some 90,000 people into flight in Southern California. The otherwise picturesque Pacific Highway was surrounded by thick smoke. According to initial estimates, dozens of houses were burned in the Malibu and Ventura counties, but there were no reports of deaths or injuries at first.

Even more dramatic is the fatal scenario north of the "Golden State", where a gale force wind can move deadly fire rollers on Thursday. When the tragedy of Paradise escapes. Wrecked car wrecked by melting tires on the roadside burns. According to a Saturday night fire station, at least nine people were murdered here, four of which were unaccountably burned in the car, and three were found in front of a black house.

California / Los Angeles Forest Fires: Paradise Becomes the Burning Hell

Friday's 2,700 city paradise was destroyed, Mayor Jodie Jones said. About 80% of the buildings burned down. Housing broker Debbie Teter has little hope that her home will still be standing. "I will not work anymore, and my office is on fire so who wants to buy a house here?" Said the 53-year-old "San Francisco Chronicle."

With more than 6,000 homes destroyed, the so-called Camp Fire in Paradise is one of the worst wildfires in California's history. Several fires arose in northern San Francisco in a popular wine growing area around Napa and Sonoma a year ago in October. Records: More than 40 deaths, 5,700 buildings have been destroyed and larger than New York City's bullets.

Blazing car is near Lake Malibu.

© dpa / Ringo H.W. Baby

The heaviest fire is typically rage in the autumn months after the dry summer. But in the drought-stricken West Coast, almost everything is not clear. "Every day there is a fire somewhere in California," complained Ken Pimlott, chief of Cal Fire's fire department.

Malibu residents are also experiencing a fire. The constant threat is especially the liveliness of living in a luxurious city when the Santa Ana wind blows. Three people died in 1993 in one of Malibu 's biggest fires. Nearly 300 houses were burned at that time, including Sean Penn and the actor mansion of Ali McGraw.

"I'm worried about my house, but I can not do anything," wrote Cher on Twitter. "For the rest of my life, I have seen the destruction by fire," said a 72 – year – old star. Since 1972 she has a house in Malibu. "I can not stand the idea that Malibu will no longer exist."


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