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This is how your bike becomes an electronic bicycle.


WThe question of whether it is worthwhile to open a self-propelled bicycle with an electric auxiliary drive is a common technical and legal claim by Sparbrötchen and a group of stakeholders who can not cope with their enthusiasm. Some have raised their prices slightly cheaper. Even the most expensive retrofit rates are lower than the cost of the new pedelec in small margins. And for Allesselbermacher, homemade electric bikes are just a little more adventurous. It is more exciting because it can be a bit tricky.

Hans Heinrich Paddy

Of course everything is very simple in advertising promises. The transition is a child's play and requires little tools and experience than removing the panel. Those who question this view will receive business profits and excessive profits. Who, of course, has a 2,000-euro store that can not advise you to buy a retrofit kit from 500 euros to 600 euros? And it will not grow on behalf of our customers. Yes, but not for financial reasons alone.

Unless the bike is actually of good quality and is not technically opposed to the upgrade, it will be difficult to find a dealer or bike mechanic to switch professionally. Beyond completely different business interests, this means that even if the bicycle and the new drive are both from a third party, they will be responsible manufacturers if they upgrade from the repairman. Assembled dealers are responsible for the correct operation as well as the suitability of Pedelec on the market in accordance with a set of standards and regulations such as the recently updated European test guidelines EN 15194.

Declaration of conformity, documentation, and often funny danger warnings give you a glimpse of how to operate the new electric bike, which has grown into a comprehensive brochure. A danger warning tells you the cost to be safe from a technical conversion. In the case of industrial and pedelec series, a wide range of mechanical, electrical and chemical testing has been carried out by service providers who have been well over a long time. Depending on the type of construction, a 5-digit amount is added to the other development costs.

Professional remodeling work with electric motor.

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It completely removes the legitimate work itself. If someone made an L1e lightweight motorcycle that was not allowed without a type test in a home cellar, with an engine tuning or a more powerful and thicker engine, as well as replacing the pedelec with a 250 watt limited motor, stay here if the license plate moves There is. This is of course illegal.

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