Saturday , June 25 2022

There may be demos of Berlin and Wuppertal rights.


ZAll the people living in Berlin opposed the right-wing protest on the Poesy's night. According to the right-wing alliance, police have received approval for a "funeral march for political deaths" in a demonstration with authorities in "Germany for Us" and Berlin Mine, with about 100 participants Friday night and evening. Washington Square and Marshall Brueck counter.

Protesters reminded the Holocaust in their speech. The banners and signs will read "Do not hate and diversity", "Again anti-Semitism or all kinds of xenophobia" or "Sadness to protest the hatred of the people".

Previously, Berlin-Brandenburg Oberverwaltungsgericht confirmed the judgment of the Berlin Administrative Court, which sent a ban on last Friday's spokesperson. A close association of right-wing extremists, "Germany for us", may gather as scheduled on Friday evening in March.

"Shin Natchi Reservoir"

The Administrative Court declared the injunction imposed by Andreas Geisel (SPD) to be "apparently illegal" and above all mentioned the fundamental right to freedom of assembly.

Geisel justified this prohibition clause with a memory day on Wednesday. The idea that "Kristallnacht's 80th anniversary right-wing extremists burned candles and marched in the dark" was hard to bear. "Berlin Democratic Senator said," Democracy does not have to endure everything.

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