Tuesday , September 27 2022

The result of the digital boom: lack of electronic components – dpa


MÑnchen (dpa) – Ubiquitous digital boom has an unpleasant side effect to the industry. This year, semiconductors and other electronic components have long been lacking.

For the first time in recent months, there has been a lack of all-weather components such as capacitors or resistors, according to industry sources. "The automotive industry and the automation industry suffered the biggest blows," said Christoph Stoppok, managing director of ECEI. On Tuesday, Electronica kicked off in Munich, where more than 3,000 international trade fairs, I will.

Trade associations do not comment on the latter subject, but the result of tribe is long delivery time and high price. The scarcity after the Stoppoks data has been overcome because the economy is currently weakening. However, according to industry data, the situation was not fully normalized.

"What's outstanding at this time is that passive components and other products, especially multi-layer ceramic capacitors, are lacking," Stoppok said. Passive devices are referred to as passive devices because they can not amplify electrical signals in circuits, including mass-produced products such as resistors or capacitors.

Two factors contributing to the tribe: The fact that years of good economic conditions and increasingly more functions are being electronically regulated in industrial products.

For example: Automotive: Various electronic control circuits are required, from the onboard computer of engine control and driver assistance systems to convenience functions such as seat heaters. Ingolstadt-based VW subsidiary says, "More than 100 network ECUs are used in the current Audi model.

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