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"Sylvies Lingerie Models": too many dogs, too little time! – TV


Look for a model in & # 39; the fastest forward!

If you do not feel like 16 series two-in-one episodes of the next year of # The German Topmodel, you can do it all a quick look: Sylvie Meis (40) started her first show "Sylvies Dessous Models" (RTL, 20.15 pm). The new format was right at the beginning that Heidi Klum's (45) racial theoretical encounter would fit into three episodes.

A kind of GNTM in fast moving passage

Just a little naget, after all, the winner is the new figurehead for Miss Meis' own submarine and swimwear company "Sylvie Designs". "The new Sylvie," or she mentions. "Of course, I know, I still can do a lot of things, but I must even orient the future," said the 40-year-old show.

Her successor must fit her and her brand and therefore not only beautiful, but also to bring personality, carism and intelligence.

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Photo: MG RTL D

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Wool is the "new Sylvie"Photo: MG RTL D

In the next selection process, however, you ask how Sylvie can do everything right. She has little time for her decision. The 30-year-old female subsidies were several times before Sylvie and her consultant – make-up artist Serena Goldenbaum and assistant Marina Coburger.

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Photo: MG RTL D

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Sylvie with Serena Golden Tree (r.) En Marina CoburgerPhoto: MG RTL D

And albeit a ruler made: "You are great, incredible," said Meis the first candidate Susanna (26) just after her walk of the door to the jury. "We decide that it's rapper: You're in our Girls Squad."

"That's it?", Frege the model controversy in the wonder, "that was quick." "What's good," said Sylvie, angry.

In the coming minutes, 30 girls were drawn up. Eight went straight ahead, 15 flew away immediately, seven lands on a waiting list. So in the first hour, Sylvie already has what Heidi needed for several months: her top ten!

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Photo: MG RTL D / Sebastian Geyer

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Of 30 adders had to be 22 in & # 39; first broadcast.Photo: MG RTL D / Sebastian Geyer

Too many heckles in the show

As a thinker, however, you did not really come in. Also, the choice of favorites was not always understood quite well.

So they saw the question why Sylvie handcuffed Sarah (20), who lost her self as a destroying luxury: They went hunting between her four apartments in Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, London and Moscow to find what she was doing will be one in & # 39; On the day the judiciary does not love their spots of false eyelashes.

• According to Alina (25), she has already played the role of a cliché-bitch, and the whole unknown Graziella (21), judges Sylvie's assessment to be a worthwhile success for her.

"I want a girl who has gone to me, not a losing person," she said at the beginning, but looked at her for a few times. This causes the women to get the first picture on a ship in & nbsp; Hamburg has only been used for the ordinary errors, cycles and would die in the GNTM.

<img class = "photo on demand zoomable" src = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7" data-src = " – the first-sent al-candidates-say the story-200980871-58572732 / 3, w = 1280, c = 0.picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" Sylvie had many candidates in & # 39; The first show says: "data-zoom-title =" Sylvie had to say many candidates on the first broadcast

Photo: MG RTL D

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Sylvie had to say many candidates in the first broadcastPhoto: MG RTL D

Sylvie himself, on the other hand, gave a present, authentic and very handy look. In the first few minutes she gave an overview of her life, especially the hard times, such as the separation of Rafael van der Vaart (35), her cancer in 2009 and the recent, even for her astonishing as "Let & # 39; s Dance "" Presenter. "Sometime when I was well called," she asked openly.

Also, in dealing with the candidates, Sylvie was warm, respectful and empathetic, many of which were missing in the past with a Heidi Klum.

To & # 39; s end of & # 39; The show made a total of eight girls for the next round, which is now under the title "Sylvies Lingerie Model" in the following two episodes:

• ALINA (25), student from Vienna (large: 172 cm, size: 84-61-93)

• JULIA B. (21), model of Muhlhausen (174 cm, 81-67-94.5)

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• GRAZIELLA (21), masseuse of Cologne (173 cm, 90-66-101)

• MIRJANA (25), self-employed by Heidelberg (170 cm, 84-66-92)

• MELISSA MINH (22), prospective architectonic student from Lünen (164 cm, 80-63-85)

• SARAH (20), student from Düsseldorf (174 cm, 85-64-94)

• SUSANNA (26), model from Berlin (174 cm, 92-62-91)

TAHNEE (25), student from Düsseldorf (170 cm, 90-65-94)

On the road, instead of a picture you got a pink bracelet with bows – you have to make a difference. Otherwise, it will continue in a regular model casting style, among others, there will be surprise – a great deal with many tears.


Too many girls have been too short and a few candid selective candidates, some do not want to fit their Sylvie Meis.

But generally, "Sylvie's Lingerie Models" offers a great deal of loading of popular casting and a range of personality by the Sylvie screenings (especially in the example of the following episodes).

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