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Strategy document: AfD wants to attack Friedrich Merz credibility.


AfD is seeking a course on how to deal with two CDU candidates to be chairing the party. Jens Spahn or Friedrich Merz recently ruled Afd Party leadership Alexander Gauland, saying he "was once able to work with the AFD." In his view, the CDU with Spahn or Merz Chairman "came back" in the direction we stand. Merz, on the other hand, is looking for the maximum distance from AfD. He now tells the WDR that Afd is "openly a national socialist."

Afd's co-chief Jörg Meuthen immediately responded and called the Merz statement a "monster-like derailment", and AfD thinks it is "not at that level". Merz was a pseudo-conservative dummy with a short half-life already revealed.

Page 6 for Merz

Until now, Merz, a comeback politician who had the best prospects for the party's presidential candidates in addition to the CDU Secretary General, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, was a mystery of the AFD. Because in many positions, CDU politicians have not yet decided. In the Bundestag's six-page strategy document available at SPIEGEL, Afd covers Merz. Direction: "The locations listed show the many political elements provided by Friedrich Merz." Merz must be an "aggressive strategy" for cases where he must be elected as the CDU Federal Chairman in December.

If you can see the contents of the page by page, tap. For example, his creed says that the CDU "should be more modern and appealing to younger people" feels like a continuation of the "black Anbiederung". But the impact of the "liberal and conservative" signal on the signal remains "rhetorical."

Braun and Gauland in Afis politician Bundestag

Jeon Hye Sun / EPA-EFE / REX

Braun and Gauland in Afis politician Bundestag

In European politics, Merz's AfD is almost unaware of the specifics. He has said so far, "There is nothing to fear." Jürgen Habermas philosopher called Afd for the "decisive Europe" call in 2013 for a Euro-critical party, because "deadly" is a sign of Merz with the SPD leaders.

Merz, however, recently fled European currencies. In front of the MEP, he said he was not in favor of European unemployment insurance and should continue to apply the principle of accountability to the eurozone. According to Merz, he wanted to give Europe a new impetus, and Merz pointed out that the agreement was agreed upon internally.

The attack surface is also summarized in this paper as an opinion on AfD's brand core, which is the subject of national identity. Merz signed Europe as "a broad demand for Germany's national identity and public finances with considerable explosive power." Merz is probably not a European idealist, "rather than a business lawyer and self-interest as a well-placed lobbyist in the financial industry," the newspaper said. Merz implies a myriad of activities in the economy since 2016, the US asset manager Blackrock and the supervisory board of the German business unit.

Married couple Merz Berlin Jewish Museum Awards ceremony


Married couple Merz Berlin Jewish Museum Awards ceremony

Merz, the permanent theme of AfD in the field of immigration policy, is also covered. This is intended to accommodate a small number of refugees, but the goal is clearly achieved already. "It seems that the real perception of many citizens is passing by him."

Merz says he rejected the "Ludwig Erhard Award", which serves the social market economy, this summer because he has Chairman Roland Tichy. Tichy runs the "Tichy 's Insight" magazine, which deals with liberal – conservative spectrums. Critics often see contributions beyond the border to populism. Merz, who decides to reject the price, is subject to "Political Correctness" and is currently published in the Afd newspaper.

AfD, 2008 Rewriting Reports

Merz rejected the prize because of the difficulty of competing for the prize through e-mail sent by a jury member in Handelsblatt's report, but "I want to perform on stage because it is not the chairperson of the foundation." In the case of AFD, the rejection of the prize is a sign that Merz is "more conscious distance exercise" than "prestigious award-winning tradition".

At that time, Merz published the AfD report at the closed meeting of the FDP for Hartz IV rates as low as 132 euros per month. (The rule rate is as follows: approx. Unspecified content: Merz has questioned the recent media coverage. His answer is: "The quote from the Hartz IV sentence is not correct and there is no evidence.

The six AfD pages make it clear: the right-wing populist party wants to be involved in a return politician. "In general, Merz provides a relatively large number of attack surfaces," he says. He endorses the EU in the name of French President Emmanuel Macron and strives to further the sale of German interests. Also, in relation to Blackrock, for many years "unpopular, especially in locust activities in grasshopper activity".

"I basically feel uncomfortable gut feeling to him"

The recent scandal on Blackrock – the prosecutor's search for a German office in Munich – Merz is already "in trouble". What AfD has not written: The test for a CDU politician says that Blackrock has "no doubt about the delegation of a crime or a misdemeanor."

For AfD this is not a problem. It is questioning the credibility of CDU candidates. In order to start a new "foundation of facts that can not be trusted", Merz "has to be coordinated and gradually attacked in terms of the content of individual subject areas" to "start feeling basically uncomfortable feeling about his person" and "ultimately untrusted facts".

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