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Retirement: Debacle with ex-Sat.1 star Angelika Kallwass – she does not get enough money and still has to work at 72


Many viewers still know Angelika Kallwass as a TV psychologist. She is now 72 years old – but she can not rely on her pension.

  • Angelika Kallwass became a TV star with “Zwei bei Kallwass”.
  • De psychologist, now 72 years old, revealed the amount of them in June Interest,
  • She just tells 380 Euro,

Cologne – Angelika Kallwass is one of the top candidates for the department “What does …?” From 2001 onwards, they flickered Sat.1 in the long run “Two by Kallwass“On the screens, where Zoff was played in front of the camera under her supervision. In 2013, the format was re-adapted as “Kallwass intervenes”, but it was loud due to poor ratings quickly flew out of the program. “Zwei bei Kallwass”, on the other hand, has long been considered a success, even though most viewers knew that the show – as well as performed by the Federal Agency for Civic Education – was written and the makers soon switched to amateur actors after the launch.

However, their background is real: According to Sat.1, Kallwass is Psychologist en Graduate economist, also has additional training in Psychodrama, Bioenergetics, Aggressive training en PsychoanalysisAlthough she is now 72 years old, she still worked as a psychologist as of June 2020. She explained that in the Web talk show,

Retired: Angelika Kallwass was never interested – “Alas”

To retire to Altengleis and theirs Interest Unfortunately, living is not an option for Angelika Kallwass. For on the question of the moderator Nico GutjahrIf she was never interested in retirement, she replies, “Yes, alas.” Of course, she actually let the subject slip. “So I worked in my life as a retired student at Bayer Leverkusen and later in the hospital, which is in the university clinic and also occasionally in a women’s ward, always as a psychologist. Then I paid my pension, but then thought as self-employed: I do not need it, That’s why I say, ‘Unfortunately not.’ I would have done better. “Yes regret that “a little”,

Pension: Angelika Kallwass receives only 380 euros

Now Angelika Kallwass has to live with the consequences. ‘I can tell you what my pension will be. I can not live from it, I can not die. 380 Euro. “She needs work,” she said in June. She received a pension from her deceased husband, “also not great, because he acted just as stupid as I did.”

A more recent photo: Angelika Kallwass is a guest of Markus Lanz in 2019.

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Her appeal: “My message to everyone: You can pay into your pension, it will pay off at some point, One can not always assume that one earns the money as easily as in the other time. I work, but I also work because I want to work. I would be bored to death. However, you do not have to worry: “We have invested money too, so it is not. But then I would just have to sell something. The quotes are from June, the homepage of her practice in Cologne is not available as of November, so it is unclear how intensively she is currently still doing her job. However, there are two (in fact very positive) reviews of October 2020 on a review portal.

Angelika Kallwass is not the only celebrity to reveal her own pension. In addition to them, Thomas Gottschalk, Hannes Jaenicke, Katrin Sass, Nadja Abd El Farrag and Jürgen Drews have already done so. (lin)

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