Monday , November 29 2021

Report: The sale of mobile Macs crashed in the third field


Not only in # sales of mobile devices, Apple does not seem to run well. After speculation about a sale on the iPhone now also provides information about a weakness in the apple Mac. These are the TrendForce trademark research company and handle the third quarter, ie months from July to September.

Apple's market share in #Notebook sector is traditionally high, it is expected that this period is 24.3 percent, compared to the previous year's quarter. The company is no longer on 4th place, but 5th in # global sales for portable PCs. The market trend hit 10.4 percent in the third quarter from 2017 to 7.9 percent in the third quarter of 2015, according to TrendForce. The position in # top 5, which Apple has been keeping, is now Asus; In top 3 are HP, Lenovo and Dell.

Apple Mac problems are probably strongly related to the fact that the group presented in the summer, no new entity models; In the summer of 2018 appeared only new MacBook pro models for professionals who appear in matching prizes. The 12-inch Retina MacBook, however, has not reached this year. New device for beginners is the MacBook Air 2018, which is limited to & # 39; The fall was released – that can wait for many users, the predecessor is completely outdated.

For the new MacBook Pro models, Apple in the summer was mainly on & # 39; the inner – press for the first time the Intel process of eighth generation, more RAM RAM (up to 32 GB) and larger SSDs. At the same time, some of the prizes – for a MacBook Pro with a 15 inch screen and complete device, you can now pay more than 8,000 euros, especially by the 4 TB SSD.

How to Develop Mac Sales Market Can Be Hard In Approaching Market Markets And Focus Groups Will Become Into The & # 39; launching the future, Apple has decided to even disperse non-number nodes This is true not only for the Mac but also for iPhone and iPad. The stock market does not, they see Apple.


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