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PUBG ends the "FIX PUBG" campaign and sets the year 2019 to the quality.


Big "Fix PUBG" campaign has ended. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds developer explains what they can expect in the coming months. However, this is not primarily about new content. I have to take care of it first.

In August, PUBG launched a confrontation with bugs and other issues under the topic "PUBG fix". Now this campaign is over in mid-November.

The developer explains: Over 100 bug fixes, improved quality of life, and improved FPS. In addition, the servers are more stable and more than 2 million accounts have been swept away by the foul policy.

In an open letter, PUBG said that in the past, it was too focused on speeding up gameplay updates. Important issues have been overlooked. It should not happen again in 2019.

Quality and stability in the foreground

In 2019, the PUBG team prioritized stability and quality on the battlefield of PlayerUnknown. New gameplay features and content will be provided at the core.

It costs money first. "At first it will slow the build rhythm, but as these processes become more sophisticated, we hope to deliver new content as soon as possible while maintaining our new stability and quality goals," Steam Post said.

"We can not say how long it will take yet, but we promise to do our best to reach this stage as soon as possible."


What was planned in PUBG in 2019?

Steam's post confirms future changes to the Battle Royale hit.

Improved matchmaking

The new interface improves PUBG's matchmaking. It's a good idea to check the average wait time of the game. You should also see the player's current ping.

"Improved matchmaking UI based on personal preferences allows players to play maps in their own environment, even if waiting is getting longer."

PUBG Miramar title relaunch

The player must decide for himself. The change is to provide the player with important information. Then you need to be aware of the situation yourself and decide if you want to reduce latency or prefer optimal server performance.

The problem is still there

Players often report text shifts or async issues. This is also reflected in comments on Steam posts. As a complaining player, they feel a strong ping variation and Desync in their game. They hope that these problems will finally be resolved.

Soon the PS4 player will be able to play PUBG.

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