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Pop.Up Next: Modular mobility concept of Audi and Airbus. (Photo: Audi)

Audi has presented a prototype of Pop.Up-Next's modular, flying and flying air tax with partner subsidiary Italdesign and Airbus. Audi is convinced that "taxi drivers will come".

In March 2017, Audi had presented the vision of an electrically-operated autonomous flight taxi to Italdesign and Airbus. During the Drone Week in Amsterdam, a flying and moving prototype of Pop.Up-Next has been shown for the first time.

Pop.Up-Next: Updating was yesterday

At the Drone Week, the Pop.Up Next Prototype – a first-generation hybrid electric car and passenger drift 1: 4 – made a first public flight test: The flight module was able to settle a passenger capsule on the vehicle platform, which subsequently autonomously left the test site drove. Having to move from one to the next means of transportation would have belonged to this solution of the past.

"Pop.Up Next": Modular mobility concept of Audi and Airbus. (Photo: Audi)
Pop.Up Next: The modular mobility concept of Audi and Airbus. (Photo: Audi)

With Pop.Up-Next, Audi and Airbus want to eliminate the limitations of technically feasible. In the next step, the companies want to fly and drive a full size prototype.

Audi is convinced that this type of multimodular movement will become reality within the next decade. Bernd Martens, procurement and IT Managing Board, is confident that "taxi drivers will come." Especially the aspect that people are increasingly moving to the cities and that they will always be mobilized by the progressive automation. Especially older, children or people without driving license would use autonomous taxis, Martens said.

Pop.Up Next: Modular mobility concept of Audi and Airbus. (Photo: Audi)

Audi and Airbus test on-demand service with helicopters in South America

One of the forerunners of the multimodular on-demand traffic of the future will test Audi together with Airbus subsidiary Voom since summer 2018 in South America. In Mexico City or Sao Paulo, customers can book helicopter flights – for a ride to or from the landing site will be a Audi car. "Such deals help us to understand the needs of our customers better," explains Martens. With aircraft taxis, a broad spectrum of urban dwellings will be addressed in the future.

In addition, Audi supports the Urban Air Mobility Ingolstadt Urban Air Mobility, which prepares a flight taxi test operation at the Audi site. It is part of a Community project of the EU within the framework of the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities.

This project aims to convince the population of the benefits of new technologies. You will also find answers to questions relating to battery technology, regulation, certification or infrastructure.

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