Monday , November 29 2021

Photo confiscated: Banksy exhibition in Brussels


She is also in Berlin: The exhibition "Banksy Unauthorized" is recently stopped in Brussels. But now the photos were confiscated by the Belgian authorities.

By Birgit Raddatz, ARD Studio Brussel

Almost twenty students call Anne-Sophie in the back. At the time, the art historian doctor studied the children's exhibit with original images of the street artist Banksy in the Brussels district of Ixelles. But it is closed Friday by Friday. The reason: The German curators were not allowed to see the photos, nor were the exhibits decorated. Therefore, the Belgian authorities have included all 60 photos in the night of Friday.

Visitor Carry heard about the radio. In addition, she liked to see the miniature of the famous painting "Girl with a Red Balloon". "I was disappointed to have been since this sensitive case when the photo was sold for a million dollars and then distributed, I really got up and wanted to see a lot more of Banksy."

Misguided Banksys agent asked the publication of photos

At the beginning of the month, a German group culture "On Entertainment" changed a stand-alone Brussels supermarket to look at original images of Banksy at the end of the year. The "Strokar" association, which has a large exhibition of Belgian street artists in the supermarket, has offered the chambers. A person responsible for "Stroke" says the issues started with a letter.

He was the lawyer Steve Lazarides. Lazarides is an English gallery owner and has long been treated as a Banksys agent. The Question: Expositions must be issued immediately, otherwise make "Strokar" the composer. Since the association is welfare, the responsibility lies in the question. Managers pack boxes of photographs a total of 15 million to good after midnight on Thursday.

The German authorities should not speak for an interview, they are currently looking for a Belgian court, the publication of photos.

Exposition does not come back

Cassy's student, at least, has no care for Banksy. She is at school and rides the big graffiti photo in the former parking garage in & # 39; e supermarket. "We just have a street art and taste course and therefore we see here on this photo," she says.

No one is convinced that the Banksy exhibition will open for December 30. At the end of the house officially knocked off, the "Strokar" exhibition disappeared. Therefore, traders are already generating large red exhibits in & # 39; the shopping window. Banksy would probably like.

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