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Nonstop over the clouds: The longest flight in the world of Singapore to New York

The Airbus A350-800 ULR looks like a gigantic time machine on this merry Wednesday. The plane will be in New York just like five hours later, precisely, by a time-adjustment of about 17 hours in air.

No passenger aircraft overflown as many miles in a region or Singapore Airlines – SQ22 flights from Singapore – 15,300.

Traveling around the world

Already, 161 passengers camped at the A15 shortly after midnight in dark light against heavy eyes and stayed on. End # comes in. The cold remains, for a long long flight is the number of passengers empty. The cyclone sweep of the globe is like Berlin-Munich.

In 'Business Class', the stewardsess is to capture the ribbed-coat. And they move mosquito cups and orange tapes through the hut. A little further back in Premium Economy Class is a bit more noise. Last time everyone is sitting.

Quietly sets the narrow aircraft in motion and rolls off take-off, as all the first passengers in sleep have fallen asleep. The rest is a conscious remedy that makes you faster faster than usual: alcohol. Singapore Airlines has taken care of. 100 liters of wine and sugar are loaded, which makes more than half billion per pupil.

Less passengers, less fuel consumption

For the existing since October 2018-air connection, the airline earns the success of an Olympic ski jumper: a weightweight and favorable air flow. As a result, the few passengers.

The tank of A350 or A380 is under normal circumstances not sufficient not to fly around the world everywhere. Between 2004 and 2013, Singapore Airlines flew on the regular basis of & # 39; Singapore-New York road – with a much more fuel-efficient aircraft, the four-engine A340. But due to the huge measure of fuel and oily prices, this was no longer.

Now they have come up with a new strategy: Premium Economy and Business Class instead of only Business Class – and much less fuel consumption.

At one point after about half of the flight time have a lot in their places on & nbsp; Best suited to relax and try to sleep. But some do not succeed. This is different from Business Class, where the seat can be in a fully flat bed.

Culinary program

Around three hours before landing, most of the passengers on board have their third full meal in & nbsp; the row, even with a snack in between. At least anyone after midnight one without any food in an airy climates. At the beginning there was a so-called light meal – but even that had the same. So now a so-called full meal. In 'Business Class' are present satire skewers served on white table cloths as appetizers. This is followed by one of many choices you can confirm: Angus steak or traditional rice nodules in coconut cream seafood sauce, for example.

In Premium Economy you can also opt for kitchen before the flight is. For lovers, there are also rice pods with black, bought peanuts and millennial eggs. If you have not ordered before, you can now choose between bread dog breads in sardines, fish with tins and blossomers with Tahini.

At the woman we wait for free. At one point, about an hour to launch, the head on the head first comes out of a handy box. In terms of time and day-night rhythm is a bit uncertain, most commonly for alcohol.

More than 16 hours in the plane

Or whether the flight is more or less common, the demand for an airport. "No," she says. "The spam is not 12 or 18 hours – we have the same tasks, just more time." Only contact lenses from troop air for more than 14 hours. The A350 is difficult so the cabin break is necessary and special training for this type of aircraft.

Less than an hour before launching, Airbus simulates a sunny sunrise with its special lighting system. Window opens, the day begins!

When you arrive at Newark, you will have a festival of lights over New York. Everywhere remains and sounds in the night. The Airbus starts at 5:00 on the start. The aircraft took 16 hours and 50 minutes. How long the flight takes place can only be provided with a ripeness of more or less than two hours. It depends on the terms and conditions.

Extreme long flying

What else can come in ultra-long term? Qantas is already planning a non-stop Sydney London flight from the 2022/2023 season. This would overcome over 17,000 kilometers. But it will never get much further – it does not make any sense. The flying of another way would be harder and faster.

On this desert winds, the passengers of the Airbus A350-800 ULR a little sharp, but in a good mood of the aircraft. Often 12 hours or 17 hours, that is not, is general consensus. In fact, most could not sleep most. But it was still fun. Probably the best events of tomorrow: Flight SQ22 is the first to land in Newark on Wednesday. The original full passport is not human. Outside, the sun is just rising. You can also appear as sleeping. At least now is time for a coffee.

Singapore Airlines flies daily from Singapore to Newark (New York) around midnight. A map in Premium Economy costs 1,900 Euro, in Business Class 5,057 Euro. The average travel is 17 hours 50 minutes. The airline also offers three parts, around the world map: from Germany to Singapore, with the new non-stop connection from Singapore to New York and return via New York's JFK airport to Frankfurt. Maps for the entire route are available from 3589 Euro in Premium Economy Class and from 6489 Euro in Business Class and can only use travel bureaus (not online).

(By Marie von der Tann, dpa)

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