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Munich: Syrian family daughters – for unreliable reasons – Panorama


Syrian family shakes her own daughter (15) – for an inexhaustible reason

A 15-year-old man was abused by her own family. (Icon)

A 15-year-old man was abused by her own family. (Icon)

Photo: imago / Thomas Trutschel

Munich. This unfortunate case of torture Also, the judge shook: A 15-year-old from Munich was misused by her family.

The banal reasons?

She had the bad friend.

The girl and his family are Syrians. The friend of '15-year-old was Afgan. That found the family of a girl in # 39; Christmas Day 2017. An Afghan as a friend? That does not appeal to family.


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Family is a daughter and keeps her for days

So small that father, mother and brother closed the apartment in the apartment and did nothing to eat and eat and drink, reports the "tz". The father gave his daughter several times in his head and face. The whole family was cautious that the 15-year-old could not escape.

15-year-old likes to put the skin on her tongue

The father even told the garden in the bathroom and ordered her to cover the toilet with her tongue.

It was not until mid-January that the offended girls told her about the invaders at home in the school. Shortly after, it came in a cage in a secret place where he still lives today.

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Followers do not ask Richter to torture parents

Father, mother and brother of the girl were in court in Munich. Unbelievable: Despite the fact that they were only sinners – even because the 15-year-old wrote a letter to the judge who claims that their parents will not be punished.

Judgment: "That is contemptible You must be ashamed"

The whole family makes a face in court, father and mother are forgiven.

This was the magistrate's expression but little: "This was psycho-torture, you treated your daughter as a dog, she was innocent." The Munich Magistrate explains: "I feel this partial aspect of your culture completely. should be ashamed. "(Lin)

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