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Movie: "Fantastic Beast 2": Magic Fantasy Epic


The magician Grindelwald strives to master the magician over all human beings without magical powers. Magiologist Newt Scamander tries to stop him. "The Fantastic Beast: The Crime of Grindelwald" is a complex, visually fantastic fantasy epic.

Clouds of mist lie in the gloomy New York City, especially on unsafe nights when dangerous prisoners are transported.

Gellert Grindelwald, a magician who reduced a portion of the city to trash a year ago, is also responsible for his many crimes in Europe. However, at the end of "The Fantastic Beasts and Where They Can Be Discovered," Grindelwald already doubted that he would not remain an ex-prisoner. Of course, a powerful magician escapes from the sequel.

The spectacular escape scene in front of the New York skyline at night is a successful prelude to Harry Potter's ninth cinema adventure. "The Fantastic Beast: The Crime of Grindelwald" reunites porter writer J. K. Rowling with porter director David Yates. The UK Duo was also responsible for the full-length film of 2016, which is clear. The sequels are really going on.

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne ("The Discovery of Infinity") returns to the canvas with Newt Scamander. In 1927, a shy ethicist who found Grindelwald and helped catch him came back to England. In the magic cellar of his house, he loves countless animals and love for witch Tina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston). But as Professor Dumbledore (Jude Law) appears in London, there will be no time for him to fall in love. Harry Potter's future mentor talks about Grindelwald's escape and asks Scamander for help.

A dentist with a travel restriction is hesitant. Tina's sister Queenie (gorgeous: Alison Sudol) and his friend Jacob (Dan Fogler) meet only until he is actually in Paris. Not only did he doubt Tina, but Grindelwald is also gathering followers to begin the revolution. His goal: The magician must rule over Muggles on all those who do not have magicians. However, Grindelwald crosses the body. He also wants to remove his old friend Dumbledore. However, he needs help from the unstable Credence Barebone (Ezra Miller) who works in the magic circus.

It is a very complex story telling Rolling and Yates about "The Fantastic Beasts: The Crime of Grindelwald". Harry Potter If you are unfamiliar with the universe, the new movie is almost overwhelming. To get an overview of the many characters and to understand the many details of the extensive picture, at least the whole body must be kept in mind.

With great prior knowledge and intimacy with magic, it is a great pleasure to see Rowling continue to develop her fascinating universe and connect story elements. Fans are looking forward to a trip to Hogwarts. As in the Potter book and the film, everything is well thought out and planned. The content and limitations of "the fantastic beasts and the place to find them" suddenly become more important in the sequel. For example, Leta Lestrange (Zoë Kravitz) witch in the first movie was only seen in the picture that Scamander took with him. "That's not nobody," he was convinced. Of course not.

After the action-filled opening, the movie leaves time for the story to actually go on. Maybe it was too much time. But patience is rewarded. In scenes with fantastic animals (you'll want more), or when you're reminiscent of a large-scale, the film is an epic epic of the spectacle. James Newton Howard's superb sound, equally powerful and melodious soundtrack perfectly fits your screen action.

Not to mention the cool Alison Sudol, not to mention the main actor Redmayne. She shows a strange talent that she can not imagine, and thus gives a little laugh. In addition to Casual Jude Law as Dumbledore, Johnny Depp shines in this sequel to an unhappy opponent. Depp was also in the first part, but most of the time, like Colin Farrell. At the end of the film, I found out that the US Percival Graves (Farrell) was actually Grindelwald (Depp).

It stayed with an almost short appearance. Depp 's ex – wife, Amber Heard, criticized him for domestic violence, so Internet fans demanded to replace his role. But Rowling and Co. fooled. The author has defended this movement on her website. From a purely artistic point of view, the decision was right. Depp, who will no longer play Captain Jack Sparrow in the reboot of the "Pirates of the Caribbean," is an ideal cast as a wicked wizard.

Grindelwald's ambition must be understood as a social critical commentary. He raises fear among nonmagician wizards. He insists that he does not want to hurt anyone. But the magician's interests take precedence over everything else for him. And he who is not for him is against him. One or other viewers may seem familiar. But you have to leave Debs Grindelwald, but one thing: he has a perfect hairstyle.

Yates and Rowling are far superior to their predecessors in the second series of the five-part series. "Fantastic Beast: The Crime of Grindelwald" is a huge, fascinating and gloomy fantasy epic with elaborate and exciting stories. For younger viewers, this film, released 12 years later, is probably too dark and scary advice. All other potter fans enjoy it magically.

Fantastic Beast: Grindelwald's Crime, GB / USA 2018, 135 minutes, FSK 6+, David Redmayne, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Katherin Waterston

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