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Migration: "Germany has actively supported the activity of two pairs"


Germany migration

"Germany has actively accompanied the design of the two packages"

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At the port of Malaga, the refugees are the rescue fish At the port of Malaga, the refugees are the rescue fish

Refugees leave the port of Malaga to the rescue party "Mastelero"

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Germany was probably much more involved in the drafting of a packet of # the United States and the Chancellor has so far been permitted. The International Law Officer warns not to distinguish the legal consequences of such a document.

BThe prime minister Markus Söder (CSU) warns the Union that they are even dispersed in discussion on the UN migration package by law-populists. "We do not have to go to the AfD here," Söder said in a conversation with WELT AM SUNDAY.

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He controversed CDU politician Jens Spahn, who is a German meeting for the UN-pact for discussion. "You must distinguish between the contents of the package and the way it is communicated." It was not knowing that you learned about the pact when it was. "However, the merit is the pact." At all national levels, the global refugee problem is not solved. "National measures must always be taken into consideration by international law, otherwise they can go straight ahead, which is exactly what the migration package is trying to do."

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Syrian coast fits the border with Turkey. The UN gives it all clear what immigration to Europe is

In addition, Söder defeated the amendment on the basis of asylum. According to the debate that Friedrich Merz had caused in his promotion bureau in the fight for the CDU party, Söder said: "We must stop in maintaining migration in theory discussions. It's about practical steps. And we went there. "

The Prime Minister of Armin Laschet (CDU) of North Rhine Westphalia also rejected the criticism of UN-Pact. "The UN Migration Pact is different from the German-known demand for global rules on the order of migration and flight. Now this has finally been processed – with strong German participation," said Laschet. Laschet expects the majority of the fraction of # 39; the Union is in the Bundestag for this pact. Chancellor Angela Merkel has supported this case.

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Armin Laschet, CDU Vice and Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia

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Member of the Bundestag for 28 years: Peter Ramsauer (CSU)

Saksy's premier Michael Kretschmer (CDU) is far more. Kretschmer still sees "a great need for information and explanation of the migration package". The questions raised by the pact are far more, Kretschmer WELT AM SUNDAY is said. It should be avoided that legal consequences can be derived from the agreement, for example by courts, called Kretschmer.

The international agreement is not merely skepticism in the Saxon Union. The CDU state council Saxony-Anhalt had recently adopted a decision against the migration point on a partial conference. Many participants asked the Pake at the CDU regional conferences in Seebach in Thuringia and in Halle an der Saale. As Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the competitor for the CDU chairman, defended the migration spectacle for Halle, about 400 CDU members, clearly a hand to the applause.

This topic shows the differences between the candidates

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The position of Jens Spahn on the UN Migration Pact is endangered explosions in & # 39; the Union. At a regional conference in Idar-Oberstein he asked the CDU to discuss the federal party convention on this discussion.

Source: WURT / Matthias Heinrich

Research on World Sunshine shows that Germany was much more involved in the establishment of both the UN Migration Pact and the United Nations Refugee Pact as well as the Cantonment. The federal government has "further strengthened" its cooperation with the UN organizations concerned, according to a document from the German Bundestag.

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The page 144 page has the title "Report of federal government on cooperation between the Federal Republic of Germany and the United Nations and individuals, global active international organizations and institutions in the context of the UN system in 2016 and 2017" . It was written in August, printed in October and is worldwide on sunday.

"Germany has actively contributed to forming the two packets through text proposals," says the document written by the Office Office of the Office OR07. In addition, the paper makes it clear that the government is the migration point or non-constraint under international law. The official report also states that the migration point "is not legally binding, but politically compulsory".

The international lawyer Matthias Heerdegen also comes to this conclusion: "We must clearly see that even such documents as so-called soft law, soft soft, verify the interpretation and development of the existing laws of binding standards and, of course, Finally, legal effects are going on. "

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