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Michael Kretschmer does not rule out compulsory coronary vaccination


Germany Certificates as in Israel

Kretschmer does not rule out compulsory coronary vaccination

Vaccination Committee acknowledges errors in communication

The AstraZeneca vaccine does not have a good reputation. Many reject appropriate vaccination offers. The Permanent Vaccination Committee now acknowledges errors in communication.

The Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer deviates from the Chancellor’s line and no longer excludes compulsory vaccinations. If 60 to 70 percent of the population is vaccinated, you can talk about it, the CDU politician believes.

Dhe Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer did not rule out the mandatory coronation vaccination for the Prime Minister’s conference on 3 March. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” told Kretschmer that he was currently rejecting compulsory vaccinations, but that he wanted to reconsider the question in the summer.

‘It’s a psychological question. When I talk about coercion, people who can still be reached close. That is the wrong time for this debate, ”Kretschmer said.

In a few months, he wants to reconsider his position. “If 60, 70 percent are vaccinated, then you can talk again about the mandatory vaccination. We will have seen a lot then. “

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A digital vaccination certificate can look like something like that

Kretschmer therefore deviates from the line of the Federal Chancellor and the Federal Minister of Health, who categorically reject compulsory vaccination. CSU boss Markus Söder, on the other hand, had already proposed mandatory vaccination for nursing home staff.

Kretschmer wants to make AstraZeneca available to all those who want to be vaccinated

Kretschmer also called for lifting the prioritization of AstraZeneca vaccines. It is a “deficit management tool”. But there is more vaccine available than can be administered in the short term. “With the opening, we were able to make rapid progress,” Kretschmer said.

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In some federal states, not even the first delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine was vaccinated

In the future, GPs may also play an important role in the vaccination campaign. “You can enlighten in the interview-doctor-patient and build confidence in the fax,” the CDU politician said. Kretschmer announced that he would be vaccinated when it was the turn of the group of saleswomen with whom he was at risk.

Kretschmer for a model like in Israel

The Israeli solution to give vaccinated citizens a pass is something he “would not oppose,” Kretschmer said. He thanks Jens Spahn for his approach to rapid antigen testing. ‘He laid a subject on the table for everyone to see and opened a gate. We will definitely be taking a decision on this subject at the Prime Minister’s conference on 3 March. “

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Kretschmer criticized the fact that Spahn had to withdraw this proposal shortly after his announcement. “In Saxony we try not to announce things, let them fail and then execute the second time. We try to announce and execute things and thus convince. That does not always succeed, but that is the claim. “

Kretschmer also criticized the data protection standard in Germany, which in many places played a role in the corona pandemic. “We also have a state that protects us in a place where we do not want it, namely data protection. This should end. The citizens, if they can decide on Facebook, allow much more than is always assumed. Digitization has great potential, but we are being extremely slowed down here. “

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