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Lena Meyer-Landrut shamelessly takes on toilet photographer taking a snapshot

Frequently, Lena Meyer-Landrut shows only smart clothes in any social network. On this picture of a toilet, the singer does add a little.

It's always happening on the Lena Meyer-Landrut Instagram account. Or story like messages – the singer is always "on fire". Often, this also applies to their fans, who often get hot when looking at many naked Lena skin – so again.

Although the image is black and white, one can think that the room is at & # 39; background; an image is tiled white and the captivity is interrupted only by a door just in Lena's back. For this the singer can be seen – and she absolutely wears nothing except the Adam costume.

Only the top half of Frau Meyer Landrut can be seen, which, of course, despite the lack of clothing cannot be seen well. She brushes her breasts with her left arm, and at the same time extends her right arm to the photographer. The hand is somewhat blurry, because the focus was probably on Lena and her hand was a little too close to the lens.

Lena Meyer-Landrut: Neaken toilet photo on Instagram

Her appearance seems to indicate that she prefers not to be photographed. The mouth appears to call the photographer something to prevent him from shooting in a photo. It fits in that the outstretched hand is defensive and the other arm cuts their torn breasts.

However, it is not only the fact that Lena put it on Instagram that the photo was not made unintentionally. The photo credit also points out – her home and court photographer Paul Hüttemann is responsible for the time recording. Besides, another celebrity provokes a similar skill – and her world-renowned Hollywood dad is anything but cool when she puts her bare ground …

Lena Meyer-Landrut: The liberating Insta photo hides a message

The signature of the photo shows which intention is behind the picture of Lena. "Slow, slow …" is there to read and provide a cool smiley. That they probably play, that one should not see everything at the same time – but that is not only related to her semi-public image.

The current album by Lena Meyer-Landrut is "Only Love, L & # 39;"

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"But new music comes earlier than you might think" is the rest of her post completed by a heart smiley. The singer does not just open herself to charm her fans, but also notices that they will also enjoy new music. When is it time, but Lena does not uncover. Only in April did the singer release a new album.

If they had details, the fans would probably still be freaking out than they already are. Besides countless "OMG", "Cannot wait", "Excited" and Smileyposts, but also some followers have expressed their feelings with more than two words. Besides, Lena also showed feelings when she's public which video is crying.

Lena Meyer-Landrut: Many users are happy – but some also crumble

"Um, I still haven't fully processed it for almost 4 years, a new album is out, and you stay here in & # 39; monkey teeth? I can't handle it," writes, for example, a user. "I'm looking forward to it. Doesn't matter what you spend, it will be great," says another, who will pack a few more firearms.

However, they are also negative comments on the announcement by Lena, which they criticize in a way that, in & # 39; special. "There is something wrong with you? Why are you getting more and more of a body artist, and don't put the music in the foreground?" Asks a user. Whether he did not understand Lena's album wax with the Naked Post remains open. The singer recently showed what is wearing at night.

"If you do not get likes, you must show yourself (half) naked", notes another follower. He probably hasn't yet seen the annoying image of Vienna's singer. Another user appreciates photographer Paul Hüttemann. "I'm sorry for the boy. He had to look closer to the misery." Should the man really be so sorry? At least, he does not, as a professional, show that he does not want to show.

Lena Meyer-Landrut: Fans with a spicy question

But there are also other voices about Lena's post. "Further provoke I think. Everyone sees only what you place, not why", a user finds promises. Another person has understood Lena's announcement, but she does nothing. "Sorry sorry, but music is now a small issue on the photo," he writes under the post.

Other users cannot get enough and want more insight. "Wonderful breast auger. Give me more," says one user, while the other "hands off!;)" Wishes. A user is simply overwhelmed. "A spontaneous photo at the shower. I'm crazy," he writes without emoji backing. Irony cannot be completely excluded at this point.

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