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"Leben.Lieben.Leipzig": imitation of "Köln 50667" – Leipzig is his daily soap.


Leipzig –

Whether Leipzig is needed or not, the city will have its own RTL2 series from November 12th. Title: The core of the "Leben.Lieben.Leipzig." Series is the "L1" club "L".

The RTL2 series is to "adhere to the harshest attitude towards the life of the largest city in Saxony," and to convey the authentic and intense story of the intense everyday life of Yip and his friends based in Leipzig.

That's about "Leben.Lieben.Leipzig".

First, 15 episodes are planned. The composition was previously Yvonne, who was independent from Cologne, returned to Leipzig's original woman in her home country. She moves to a joint flat with her best friends Janette and Gina and her best homosexual Jeremy. Yvonne dreams of becoming the commercial face of the club "L1" by working on the pink sausage stall "Fritty in Pink".

In addition, Googo bar owners Dennis (Dario Kolodiczyk) and Rico (Armin Schmidt) also have a new face. There will be some clashes between the brothers because Rico managed the bar with Denis's absence and Denise was engaged to the girl in love.

Facebook users have little enthusiasm for the new soap "Leben.Lieben.Leipzig".

The presentation of the new soap on the RTL2 Facebook page was not very good. "Still no one needs trash " "Oh, you really need it." "Anyway, the TV's stupid program on relationship drama and alienation" "And the winner of this year's imaginable award goes to the RTL2 team. Thank you for your great silly TV. And again a new and unnecessary infant mission "will be read, so it will become clear that" Leben.Lieben.Leipzig "will eventually be able to persuade the crowd.

The launch of the new daily soap "Leben.Lieben.Leipzig" will begin on Monday, November 12, 2018, at 8:15 pm RTL2. After that episode will be broadcast at 17:10 on weekdays. (From Mz)

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