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Kate Middleton Pregnancy: Do you still have Duke Kate's baby?


Kate Middleton is very thin. Does the pregnant woman look like that?
Photo: dpa / John Stillwell

Can Royal Fans be happy about double their children? Immediately after publication Meghan Markle's pregnancy Kate Middleton once again caused wild pregnancy speculation involuntarily. There is rumor that Duchess of Kate is already waiting for her fourth child. Six months after the birth of Prince Louis.

Is Kate Middleton pregnant again?

This claim is now disputed. In fact, Prince William's wife does not see anything other than being pregnant in the present photo. Instead, the Duchess finally seemed almost scary.It is almost fragile. Anyway, you should have a hand full of three children and public appearance.

Insider's claim: Duchess Kate is waiting for her fourth child.

Kate Middleton and Prince William told Star a couple of days ago that "Duchess of Kate is pregnant again after six months after Prince Luis was born." Pregnant "Also, rumors in the United States have claimed that palace insiders are worried about pregnancy because the Duchess becomes" scary and fragile "after the diet, according to the report, the 36-year-old population is now only 44 pounds All the nonsense claims "Gossip police"now.

Kate Middle Did not you get pregnant? It is behind pregnancy rumors.

And in fact, the palace staff would not talk about the weight of a new pregnancy or Kate Middleton. Kate and William also shared the fun of the queen and the baby, not the palace staff. When asked about pregnancy rumors, Kensington Palace responded with a smile. Royal fans will probably have to wait a while. Re-pregnancy, Kate Middleton and Prince William will not be presenting in the next few weeks.

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