Monday , January 24 2022

Kader Loth in the tender video: “I do not know if I will live tomorrow” – people


Ex-jungle camper Kader Loth (47) is infected with the corona virus! In an Instagram video, she confesses that she is afraid she might die.

“Hi guys, I just wanted to get in touch because I was in pain for three or four days,” she begins her post.

The otherwise impeccable styling queen looks visibly exhausted. In between, she pauses for a moment so as not to burst into tears.

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In fact, the reality TV star always followed all the rules and was even too careful.

“Although I was very careful not to leave the apartment without a mask, gloves and disinfect everything at home, I now also have Corona,” Kader Loth admits with tears in his eyes.

When and where they became infected is unclear.

The panic is written on her face: “I do not know if I will live tomorrow.”

BILD was able to reach Kader Wednesday night. She: “I have been quarantined since yesterday, I am also sick, have a dry cough and my lungs are burning. I am scared and in a panic that I will have to die.”

And what does your doctor say? Box: “I have to wait and see and stay under medical supervision.”

In 2017, Kader Loth was still in the jungle camp

In 2017, Kader Loth was still in the jungle campPhoto: RTL / Stefan Menne

She gets a lot of love and support from her fans: “Mouse, you can do it! Send a lot of energy and positive thoughts, ”writes one user. Another encourages her, “Squad, you can do it!”

With so much encouragement she will hopefully get better soon …

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