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Jürgen Drews: That daughter Joelina slips into anorexia *** BILDplus content *** – people


Insults on the Internet

Jürgen Drews’ daughter slipped into anorexia

Jürgen Drews: That daughter Joelina slipped into anorexia
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The hatred in the net hit her on the soul – and on the stomach.

Joelina Drews (25), daughter of pop star Jürgen Drews (75), began her own career as a musician under the name Joedy. As a teenager, she had tried to sing her hand, but at that moment without success.

Read with BILDplus why Joelina got depressed, how she slipped into anorexia and what her father Jürgen Drews has to say about it today.

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