Friday , August 19 2022

iPad Pro 2018 and Apple Pencil 2: Internal View


iPad Pro repair is tricky. iFixit will show you when you disassemble the new 11-inch iPad Pro, but you can remove the tablet's tightly attached screen from the case slowly and carefully, but there is no ribbon cable on the display. Because it is inside, it should not be accidentally damaged when opened. Please pay attention to repair service.

Replacing the screen allows access to the motherboard and battery. The battery is now fixed with a repair-friendly peel tape. However, Apple also uses adhesives to secure the battery to the case. Replacing the battery is much more difficult. Also, the motherboard is still attached. Unlike the Lightning port, the new USB-C port on the iPad Pro 2018 is "completely modular," depending on the disassembly, so it can be replaced independently of the motherboard in the event of a defect.

When cutting the second generation Apple Pencil, iFixit uncovered a capacitive sensor that wraps inside the stylus. It should be possible to find the exact point of contact so it can support other gestures. Currently, the new Pencil responds only to double-clicks, such as changing the tool used in the painting app or displaying a palette.

The adhesive strip indicates that the battery can be removed easily, but it is further glued.

(Photo: iFixit)

On-site repair scales, iFixit brings the new iPad Pro 3 points out of 10 points, one point more than the previous model. The higher the value, the easier the repair. Although Apple relies on a vast amount of glue to protect all the parts of the iPad case, in all three new product lines, such as the iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini 2018, manufacturers pay attention to improved repairability I'm tipping. , So iFixit.


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