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They are now everywhere – in supermarket, in drugs, in pharmacies: Vitamin D pills. They are not prescription and not expensive. And now in winter, the tablets have high seasons, about the body vitamin D almost only on & # 39; the sun's rain on the skin. And if the sun shines small – then feel a lot back on the vitamins.

But does it completely health?

Or just sort of healthy foods? Should I take the tablets only if the doctor affirms a definition of vitamin D? And does the pills perform side effects? The doctor Prof. Dr. med. Michaela Ax-Gadermann from Petersberg by Fulda says: Vitamin D pills make perfect, especially in winter. She says that in the dark season it is almost impossible to get enough vitamin D – to make the body almost only by the sun. Vitamins contain Vitamin D – especially decent fish. You would eat twice or three times a week to have enough vitamin D.

Ax Gadermann: "Many have vitamin D-deficat"

According to Axt-Gadermann, two-thirds of the population in Germany have a vitamin D definition. Most of us produce enough vitamin D in summer – it is enough to sun every 15 minutes in & # 39; the sense to go. The body can also store vitamin D – but memory will be empty last year. In addition, many flavor with sunscreen practically went all year long, especially in day cream so often in that. Of course, stop the vitamin D production.

Dosage: 1000 units per day

Axad Gadermann says it is nothing that has the pills. You have to take what you have thousands of units per pill and take every day one every day. Those of supermarket have the same active ingredient as the pills from & # 39; the apothecus, so Ax Gadermann.

Best solution: high levels of vitamin D

Of course, it is best to determine the vitamin D level in the blood of the doctor, said the experts. But the health insurance does not pay, the test costs as much as 40 euro. Still, you can not tolerate the pills sufficiently, so you have to take a lot more than a thousand units simultaneously, so Ax Gadermann. And side effects would not have the pills in this concentration.

Vitamin D is very important for the body

Vitamin D is a lot of interest in the body – especially for the structure. Vitamin D deficiency can cause osteoporosis. In addition, Vitamin D is very important for the defense – a defective fecal infection, you get faster cold.

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