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Hot discussion with Anne Will: Schwesig takes Merz to the tribe.



Manuela Schwesig puts Friedrich Merz under pressure in front of the camera.

Manuela Schwesig puts Friedrich Merz under pressure in front of the camera.(Photo: imago / collage:

November 19, 2018 Monday

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Here is Friedrich Merz. Sunday evening is the most prominent place on Anne Will's guest list. This program is a step-by-step process through one-on-one interviews with CDU candidates. But the tough debate with SPD's chief Schwesig makes him shake.

In fact, it should go for the unity of society at Anne Will on Sunday evening. But Friedrich Merz sits in the round – as you CDU returner who wants to know more than anything beats in the biggest talk show boxing ring in the Republic. Merz, an obvious speaker, can handle two people who can not handle both. Both are young women Annalena Baerbock and Manuela Schwesig, both from homosexual Germany. "Tagesspiegel" editor Stephan Andreas Casdorff is a sort of referee. Mostly he is keeping silent. The two women take Merz step by step and become visually uncomfortable. This program will be extended for 5 minutes.

Some of his early sovereignty was confiscated by Merz early on Sunday night, with a self – assessment of the Bild newspaper as a millionaire upper – middle class. So he was forced to repopulate the "Bild am Sonntag" on the weekend by providing too many attack surfaces to the opponent. Now the social center is not an economic factor for him, but a matter of attitude. That's fine, but entertainers do not come to mind later. Then there was Blackrock's investigation, and there was a question about what Merz knew about them.

At the show, he stressed that he does not want to be a rich financial shark that knows nothing about people's problems. This topic provides him with every opportunity: the title of the work is "a divided nation – who guarantees unity?" The program is increasing during the visit of Angela Merkel in Chemnitz, where there is a short jump on the East German problem. This is the world of Schwesig's world, the Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Baerbock's world. Baerbock has been a green regional leader in Brandenburg for many years.

But Friedrich Merz makes it clear quickly. Baerbock is furiously accusing that poverty in the East is steadily progressing, and that in some areas there are no buses and doctors are not working. "People stop without feeling disconnected," she says. Schwesig says he should acknowledge the achievement of the life of the East Germans. Now you have realized that much of the Orient is very good, like nursery and polyclinics.

"Remove the & # 39; Integration & # 39; from her vocabulary"

Both men go to Merz as if they are wearing a hat. What amazed me with the level of detail in the debate is that there is also a problem in West Germany. And he makes a mistake. He says he made mistakes in the integration of East Germany. Schwesig takes this immediately and advises him to remove the word "unity" from his vocabulary. It disturbs many East Germans exactly. That means they have to integrate into the Federal Republic instead of achievements. Especially as Merz said, they were the ones who forced the peace revolution.

The feelings of the 1990s have spread because the debate has not been experienced in the past 18 years – if the East German woman was the head of the CDU, it would have simply been idle. Merz seems to have wanted his opponent compared to Schwesig and Baerbock: a West German man who had no idea of ​​the East Germany, rich man. Merz squints a lot of noticeably, pushing his chin forward and back and licking his lips. Schwesig and Baerbock are acting as if they are going to end the Kohl era in the '98 campaign. Has the SPD now joined the federation of the three major congresses with the government since 2005? You just can not imagine.

The next section is Merz alone, but now the interested presenters will lessen the social cohesion of the country, she is now interviewing Mertz who is a candidate for his plan. For example, how he wants to win voters in AfD. He made it clear that he did not want to lead the CDU "in the right direction." But then it means that the Union should be a national party and provide a home for people with "healthy patriotism". For example, Alfred Dregger, who once tied such a voter, said. Former NSDAP member states did not describe Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union as fundamentally wrong. But Mertz says he wants to reclaim voters in the Green Party. What will happen? Will asks him in the name of millions of TV viewers. Despite the shortage of time, Merz remains obscure. The CDU needs to cultivate ecological aspects and show more than European parties. The voters are also very similar.

"Come on, let's go!"

Then comes the language of the existence of the millionaire and the cause of the middle class, a big topic last week. Merz rejects all claims for cum-ex transactions. He lives in a small town, is not only the chairman of the supervisory committee of the financial company, but also a toilet paper manufacturer with 3,700 employees, We have established a foundation to work for the underprivileged.

Schwesig is wielding a rhetorical lasso again. First, she made a lot of money in the economy, but she referred to it as a "checkout" and referred to two aircraft that matched the charges of covering up nicely. Merz could not call himself the upper middle class. Most of the middle-aged did not have 2,000 euros a month. He tries to defend himself against the expression, but Schwesig asks the CDU employee if Kita fees have been abolished already. Merz talks about "middle class salvage" and "social security donation cuts", but Schwesig claims "yes or no". "If it is firmly funded, I answer yes," he finally answered. Finally, in response to a similar question about broadband Internet in rural areas, he maintains a little sovereignty saying to Schwesig: "If you're in the majority of the regiment, hire the finance minister, it's up to you!"

At the beginning of the program, Merz demanded that Germany again have a discussion and discussion culture. After all, this was sure to happen to him. But not only because of his own contribution. Especially, he should be happy in SPD. If he becomes the CDU chairman – it can be really effective at the party. At least it was not boring.



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