Wednesday , March 3 2021

Gütersloh: Two-year-old suffers from food in Kita |

In a daycare center in Gütersloh, a two-year-old girl is suffocated. The educators still tried to help.

Two-year-old girl suffers from a kita eating

Tragic incident at one Kita in Gütersloh: A two-year-old girl was killed by police on Monday during a meal break. The child was choking.

Certainly, the staff members would have done their first aid immediately, but all attempts to save the girl remained in vain. In the Kita became a Mourning room. A pastoral parent supports educators, children and parents in the process of processing.

The city of Gütersloh goes from a misfortune. The exact death cause is still unclear. The police investigations are ongoing.

"Secretly maneuver" rescues

In case of an emergency, suffocation may be prevented by the "secretive maneuver".
 Invented was the handle by the physician Henry Heimlich, who died in 96 with 96 years. (well / cho)

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