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Greens in Berlin: Habeck: "In East Germany elections is the fat bone" – Berlin


They are the party of hours: in & # 39; The federal trend for neighborhoods behind the CDU in the second place, the Greens themselves in the polls in Berlin and had – as today – even accessing the post of stedhart. However, reports and successive election sessions know the main ground. At her state assignment they want to set up the course so they do not fit in with them.

The star guest of the day, known for a long time, is Robert Habeck, that's a lot of & nbsp; & nbsp; Only Berlin delegates know from television. For the first time, the federal chairman spoke to members of the Berlts State Association, a premiere for both sides.

In view of the ever increasing number of fractions that the Greens performed in Berlin, the party uses his appearance at the party conference in # 39; the campaign for clamping. "With each percentage point, the expectation of hope and confidence in us increase, the noise is all around us, the quieter we have to be," said Habeck in a neighborhood of # 39; about 150 delegates in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The lawyer finds a big challenge, Habeck remains. The current high of his party shows that the Greens are the right railway in Berlin. Habeck warned: "What happens to us must make our aircraft, let's work and not."

"In Eastern East German elections is the honest fat"

In what political content Habeck housed policy policy "social policy at this time in this city." Segregation and division should not be further resolved. In that context, Habeck debuted the debate about social feasibility systems. de Hartz IV was introduced under completely different conditions. Today there are a million vacancies, a shortage of skilled workers and people who want to be active.

"We have to build a system that keeps the community," said Habeck, while advocating and adjustment of minimum laws. His question is best known: "We have to talk about how much money we have to live by our hands. If this is sometimes a case of a socialist socialist question, then what is the mayor then?"

Nina Stahr, Berlin regional leader of the Greens.Photo: Carsten Koall / dpa

In the coming year, Habeck put his party to serious elections. "In Eastern East German elections the dawn is fat," said Habeck and could run the election campaigns as a social campaign. He called the upcoming European elections in May a "litmus test" for the party. "It is unthinkable that the green party is a European party. That's in our DNA, we have to release in 2019," says Habeck. Europe is the answer to restoring state capacities to deal in many areas.

Further topics in the state association

Conditionally, the delegation votes on Saturday, including for two leading requests submitted by the state-owned chairman Nina Stahr and Werner Graf. On the other hand, it is about best schools for Berlin, including Wi-Fi in all classes and as a meeting place for the Choice on School Building. On the other hand, the Greens want to develop their ecological and social development in Berlin, instead of paying attention to cost effectiveness. A concrete proposal in this area: The Introduction of park gates for larger parks in the city.

In addition, Nina Stahr and Werner Count look for redemption as State Council. Unexpectedly not to be expected, because the seven board members are set up for just a few days for the party congress just seven candidates. Only the position of women's and gender-based spokesman changes.

In addition, the determination of an emergency retention is considered to be agreed upon on March 8 as a public holiday for Berlin. Previously, the coalition partners Left and SPD have already agreed on this day. A request from Greenland Working Community Christians for the Reforming Day as a holiday for Berlin, on & nbsp; On the other hand, is largely unlucky.

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