Wednesday , December 1 2021

“Gold Digger”: Tom and Bill Kaulitz split almost wife


Tom (31) and Bill Kaulitz (31) have experienced ups and downs together. And the Tokyo Hotel twins are still inseparable – that’s without a doubt. They have always had a close relationship and still spend a lot of time together today. But even with them, it was flesh and hard phases in the past. They almost broke up because of one of Tom’s ex-girlfriends.

Shortly before Tom met his future wife Heidi Klum (47), he was in love with a “party girl and gold digger of the darkest kind”, as Bill in his biography “Suicide Career” (published by Ullstein Verlag) published. He tried to get the guitarist out of this relationship, but in doing so, they were driven apart. “For the first time in our lives, another person divided us so much that we lost each other almost forever.”betinkt er.

This put the brothers’ relationship to the test. “We could spend barely five minutes in the same room without starting the slightest argument. Everyone knows that when Tom and I argue, we really plead and almost always get under the belt.”, the artist provides insight into this phase. The musicians know exactly how they can hurt each other.

Tom and Bill Kaulitz in November 2019
Tom and Bill Kaulitz with Heidi Klum in August 2019 on Capri
Tom and Bill Kaulitz, musicians
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