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Formula 1: Will you soon be on the world championship course? Mercedes boss Wolff with nebulous hints


Formula 1: Will we rejoice Sebastian Vettel again soon? Sports director Mercedes Toto Wolff expressed himself somewhat surprisingly about the upcoming season.

  • Mercedes enters the 2021 season as defending champions.
  • Boss Toto Wolff made some surprising tips at the beginning of the year.
  • Is the dominance of the Silver Arrows in the pants? And can Sebastian Vettel perhaps hope for victories in Formula 1 again?

Brackley – This has dominated since 2014 Dreamduo Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 at random. Led by Toto Wolff, the work team and their exceptional driver stepped behind the wheel seven world titles in a row, Hamilton only had to make room in 2016 for second place in the drivers’ championship. Important: the title went to his teammate this year Nico Rosberg,

The fastest car, a well-trained team and rules changes postponed to 2022: Even if the starting position for the 2021 season is near eighth title in a row sounds, the silverware still need to turn a few screws.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff: 2021 will be a “big job” for Mercedes

Im MotorsportMagazine slows Austrian expectations of a playful world championship title in 2021. Mercedes expects a “Earthquake”that the Rules change for the 2022 season cause. Although the Silver Arrows have been consistently the fastest cars in recent years, the motorsport boss is worried about the future.

There is “Factors that work against us”, in Wolff. With this statement, Wolff was able to focus the far-reaching technical changes on the cars of the 2022 season, which could potentially break the dominance of Mercedes cars. But not alone technical changes increase the lines of concern of the Mercedes management.

Intrusive Cuts forces the factory team to make further changes. If Wolff sums it up, it will be “Enormous task” for Mercedes: “It’s going to be an interesting year for us because we have to restructure ourselves,” Wolff said Autosport-White magazine.

Sebastian Vettel in Aston Martin: Hoping for top spot?

After six years Misunderstanding with Ferrari will Sebastian Vettel find back to old strengths in Formula 1 in the season 2021. The 33-year-old from Heppenheim enters the new season in new colors, a new team and moreover a new car. May Aston Martin Vettel was looking for a team whose ambitions are far beyond those of the previous racing team Racing Point. And if Wolff sees dark clouds gathering in the Mercedes sky – maybe the German suddenly has a chance to win the title again?

In any case, you can hear familiar tones from Vettel’s new employer: You got Vettel because of him “Winning mentality” brought into the team. A race team that is happy with a position in midfield sounds different. Observers also expect Vettel will not be happy with the recent disappointing placements. Team boss Otmar Szafnauer has high hopes for the ex-champion: “In Sebastian we have a recognized four-time world champion who has experience (…) winning races and fighting for the championship.” Sebastian Vettel makes it to his last track 2013 back to Formula 1 Olympus? It should not fail because of the ambitions of her team. And the Wolff statements will probably make German fans dream too.

Lewis Hamilton: Extension of Mercedes contract still uncertain

The main personality has not yet been picked up for the Silver Arrows: Stay Lewis Hamilton or not? Knighted by the Queen for his services in sport and society, the Briton caused a sensation since his main title with McLaren in 2008. With his transfer to the Mercedes work team, Hamilton took the next step towards development, thus comparing the actual invincible Michael Schumacher got sound. The 36-year-old Englishman even drew with Schumacher last season: both race drivers have seven titles on the bill.

“I plan to be here, I want to be here,” Hamilton told the media after the 2020 season. For the reigning world champion, a dream could come true with Mercedes in the 2021 season: No other driver has eight world championship titles won. However, Hamilton hesitates. There is speculation about Differences of opinion on salary, contract period and Hamiltons Engagement outside the race circuit, The Formula 1 driver works as a fashion designer, influencer and activist. For Mercedes, leaving Hamilton would be a disaster, as they will have to replace the best driver in the field shortly before the start of the season. The competitors in the Formula 1 cosmos are interested in what’s happening at Mercedes, but they are ultimately The cards were shuffled again in 2022,

Formula 1: Mick Schumacher for the premiere season with Haas

In front of Mick Schumacher however, his first season as a Formula 1 driver is approaching. The son of Ferrari legend Michael Schumacher goes in Haas on the hunt for points. The Formula 3 and Formula 2 champions now also want to put their skills to the test in the premier class, having made a name for themselves at the Ferrari Academy. The American Haas team started in 2016 in Formula 1 and has been good for a few surprises since then. (SID /dpa / jf)

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