Monday , January 17 2022

FDP: Christian Lindner wants to join the government as soon as possible.


Christian Lindner has not thought of the German prime minister for a long time. "Angela Merkel is a modern-day figure for me," the FDP chairman said in an interview with the magazine "star."

"Something has started to move," he said of the year passed since the failure of the Jamaican negotiations on a coalition of federal associations, the Greens, and the FDP. At the time, Angela Merkel made it clear that government involvement was not possible. Now change the constellation.

Merkel has recently announced the withdrawal of the leadership of the CDU, despite being a minister not to compete after the legislative period. Lindner also welcomed Horst Seehofer's retirement as CSU Director. "It is a good step for everyone to get off the road."

Brochure on Jamaica's withdrawal "Balancing between two bad alternatives"

Lindner aims to get the federal government into the party as soon as possible. "We want to get it," he said, "star." The 39 – year – old woman officially broke the path she had sketched for several weeks.

Also, the Jamaican alliance, which has successfully ruled Schleswig-Holstein for a year and a half, can be rethought at the federal level. Greens and the FDP meet regularly. Greenspeak was itself expressed but skeptical.

According to Lindner of "Stern", the fact that liberals are ready to speak depends on the fact that it is possible to get a real start. The partners wanted to treat each other fairly. "If you manage well, you can not leave the country to the wrong people," Lindner said.

Nevertheless, Lindner defended a controversial exit in the Jamaican negotiations in November 2017. Merkel's tactic was "to buy a long-term green party for the bourgeoisie". He told the star. "We have to pay this bill."

In an interview with the WDR, he said his belief in liberalism was too short. "It was a tradeoff between the two bad alternatives and a tradeoff between the bad alternatives we decided." If the party agreed with the Alliance, it would be a "political zombie" today.

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