Sunday , October 17 2021

FC Bayern discussed the purchase of Adeyemi in January – loan back to Salzburg


Quote from Derryman

Quote from ForzaDynamo

I would rather advise him to go to Dortmund. When Haaland leaves next year, he has what it takes to replace him. He is more likely to earn a regular place in Dortmund than in Bavaria in the next 1-2 years. And the feel-good factor can also play a role in the young Dortmund team. And I also do not see the danger of putting Moukoko in front of anyone’s nose. If Adeyemi continues to meet as before, then he will be gone in 2-3 years and then Moukoko will also be 19-20 years old and that would be his time to record …

But imagine that a boy from Munich might not want to play for BVB at all and that he certainly would not have slept in his bed linen as a child, right? Maybe he wants to stay in his own region, where he understands the people and the mentality … Sheep’s head instead of treasure and snack instead of currywurst red / white, there should still be …

I think it speaks even more to the fact that he was able to switch to Bayern. Although I have to mention here that Dortmund would also be a very good place to go (if Haaland were to leave, which he will do at some point). However, I think Dortmund can develop talent is well known.

But what are the advantages of FC Bayern?

Lewandowski and Choupo-Mouting are getting older and need to be replaced in the coming years. Lewandowski can do Ronaldo as Ibrahimovic, but it will probably be tight for Choupo-Mouting if Adeyemi were to come, which would at least make Adeyemi a back-up striker and play every now and then.

As a second, Adeyemi was able to learn a lot from Lewandowski, who is possibly now the best striker in the world. However, it would not be wrong to make a young striker a solid player yet, but to gradually get used to it. Above all, Lewandowski can show him what is expected.

I think Bayern would be interested in signing what may soon be the best German striker.

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