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Expression for the Desert: The fashion chain places places and closes the branches

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The German brand Esprit, probably everyone or even has some of them in the box. But the fashion chains are deep in crisis and should keep stores.

Ratingen – The fashion chain Esprit is in deep crisis. Jobs must be dismantled, many branches will soon be closed. With these necessary measures, the new business Andreas Kristiansen wants to store the business.

For five years Esprit has already been read in. Now the market is the last chance. Kristiansen announced a reorganization program that includes the closure of unprofitable shops and the streamlining of the organization.

White: 2800 full-time employees are afraid of their work

Outside the shops, the number of employees will be reduced by almost 40 percent. How much of the & # 39; e on & # 39; Currently, 2,800 full-time employees in Germany need fear for their work – the company has not given any information. Worldwide, there are 6400 full-time employees.

The company, based in Ratingen (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Hong Kong in Hong Kong, currently operates 140 of its own stores in Germany. In future, especially in China, will grow, now Esprit is still 87 percent of its sales in Europe.

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Clothes of Esprit.

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Where does the crisis come from Esprit?

Esprit is just below half of its sales in the financial year 2017/2018 in Germany (1.74 billion euros). Just like many of her competitors, Esprit gets a difficult market environment and has made some problems at home.

In future, more will be placed on quality, Esprit is not a "fast fashion brand" and not a discontinuous shop, according to the company. Esprit gave many errors, in range, in & # 39; the cuts and the brand image.

Trade Association sees black

The Association Association looks black for the future of Esprit: If a sign was once in a floating spiral, it would be difficult to defend it, so the spokesman of the textile association BTE, Axel Augustin.

The German textile trade has hitherto been a clear minus in the current year. In November, the sales sold two to three percent in the previous year (65 billion euros), Augustine.

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