Wednesday , October 27 2021

Express Raid on Deutsche Bank – Economy


170 researchers travel to the business center of Bank on Thursday. The study is officially linked to the Panama Papers.

The Office of the Frankfurt Commission seeks the offices of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and other locations. The study was based on suspicion of financial will, the official said. About 170 officials from the public prosecutor committee, the FSSB, the tax investigation and the federal police have been active since tomorrow. Six objects in Frankfurt and the surrounding area are sought.

According to legal matters, the studies focus on a 50-year-old and 46-year-old fellow and other non-identified individuals responsible for the business. After evaluating the data available to the federal criminal officer's offshore leakage and & quot; Panama Papers, it was intended that Deutsche Bank have learned to find offshore companies in the tax port. In the process, funds transferred from criminal liabilities to the Deutsche Bank accounts without the Bank despise suspicious transaction reports.

A group of companies based on British Virgin Islands is said to have more than 900 clients with a business volume of 311 million in 2016, said the criminal law.

As originated in the Panama Papers, an international search for tax havens inspired by the SZ, 14 German financial institutions have totaled more than 1,200 letterkomponist companies established on the law office of Mossack Fonseca. The Deutsche Bank has launched only 400 offshore companies in 2007.

The Deutsche Bank confirmed that on Thursday afternoon companies have been in different locations. One would "work fully with the authorities," said a spokesperson.

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